Friday, September 21, 2007

Did Dalton lie trying to cover up an earlier lie?

I didn't want to post much about the Ontario election as I do not live there, but after reading tonight about the debate and how Dalton McGuinty came out and addressed his broken promise about raising taxes, even making a video/commercial about it, I had a question.

McGuinty, in trying to cover and justify his lie with the reasons why he raised taxes, said this:

"I got there and ahh, discovered that there was no money"

Now my question; Is that really true? Did McGuinty not know while he was the leader of the opposition and before he took over the big chair, that the Eves government was running a deficit? Was the news of an Ontario deficit some big secret that no one was aware of, or is this an example of a Liberal using one lie to cover for another?

I think the MSM might have a question or 2 that they may want to ask Dalton about this. Over to you MSM.

Signed, uninformed about Ontario politics in Alberta.


Anonymous said...

Fact is - they knew there was debt - but not that much. Hampton and Tory are just playing games.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I think it's fair to say that there was a degree of deception on both sides.

But this Mea Culpa video of McGuinty's was a bit over the top, I thought. Obviously a strategy to appeal to those who are taken in by a leaders' 'vulnerability'; much like Dion is trying to achieve right now.

The lemmings will lap it up.