Friday, June 15, 2007

This is going to be tough for some Ontatrio Liberals to swallow.

The Liberal Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, backs the Harper Government budget. The very same budget the the Liberal dominated Senate is thinking about amending or even killing completely,which seems to be against the wishes of their great leader Dion.

That last set of commercials are starting to look more brilliant as each day passes.

Update: Joanne has a blog entry and a link to an article from warning Liberal Senators that playing around with the budget may not be in the best interests of anyone, including Dion and the Liberal Party.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Check out Chantel Hebert today. (Link at my place).

wilson said...

Plus, Dion and all the little Liberals voted against the budget...against 90% of the Canadian population, against 7 Premiers !!

They all vote against the budget, and then Dion tells the old farts in the Senate to pass it...huh? Wait 'till Danny Millions gets ahold of you. You just betrayed Atlantic Canada! Danny wants Harper gone, and you failed him..
(Danny, PMSH will, as he said, send the Accord issue to the courts, bad bad move Danny...)

In an attempt to deepen a wound of Conservatives in Atlantic Canada, Dion and his merry band of no-minds have gored themselves!!!

Plus, they have woken up over-taxed Canadians to rally with PMSH against side deals they pay for, and the obstructionist mentality of the Liberal Lottery for Life Senate...

Good job Libs!! And yah didn't see it coming because you are so hell bent on embarrassing PMSH, that you smell blood, and you dive in head first without checking to see if there is water in the pool.

Oh, you still laughing about the non-issue of Senate reform??