Wednesday, June 20, 2007

NASCAR, Sponsorship and the Left.


The left seems to be under the impression that the Canadian public actually gives a rat's ass about how the Conservative Party of Canada spends it's own money.

NEWSFLASH!!! They don't, and all of this feigned outrage from the Liberals and NDP is only making themselves look foolish to those whose votes they covet. Get over it. The cost of this is not covered by government money, but your wages are, so speaking as a taxpayer please stop wasting time on a non issue. If you still are that upset over this, than please send in your 10 bucks and become a member of the CPC to have your say. (Come and join in with the many thousands of other Canadians who already have signed up to the CPC, you will be glad you did)

Speaking of sponsoring racing in general; does anyone else find it strange that the Liberals are even talking about this? I seem to remember the last time the Liberals were involved in auto racing that a rather large amount of Government money was (mis)spent in Quebec on placing large Canada signs at various events. Many Liberals like to refer to this period as "The Happy Times", but now prefer to forget it ever occurred or that anyone in government was responsible. A strange strategy indeed.


gimbol said...

I could premise my next comment with a long preamble about how the ad is working to the CPC advantage but rather I'll get to the point.

Its now contigent on the lib-left to draw the line in the sand on which sports have too large a carbon footprint. They have come out of the closet in their opposition to car racing, does this include other proffessional sports such as the ones that require lighted stadiums (CFL) or ice hockey arena's (NHL)?

Keith said...

Right you are Gimbol! The games the Libs play on Joe public are amazing and you know what... it works. Auto Racing (Nascar) is seen as the old American club and it pollutes the environment but so does every damn thing we do up here. The public will watch the news and say Yea thats right.. Those Conservatives support the American's auto racing and thats all they will see. Hence, more lib votes.

Direct link to Conservative membership here. Do it and help out ok?