Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Does anyone want to loan me $705,000?

I seem to be a bit short this week and 705K should cover me 'till payday.

$705,000 also happens to be the amount that Stephane Dion borrowed for his run at the LPC leadership late last year.

Was it borrowed from a financial institution with appropriate interest charged?

Does it have to be paid back?

Will it allow those that lent the money to have the 'ear' of Dion?
No, idea , but I doubt he will keep any of these people on hold if they call.

Will this type of borrowing be allowed in the future?
No. Not as long as the Harper government manages to get their legislation to plug this loophole through the House and the super speedy Liberal dominated Senate.

Lets all hope the legislation makes it.


rations said...

Liberals using loopholes? I'm shocked... shocked I tells ya'.

Anonymous said...

Better that Dion borrow money from Canadians, than Harpo receiving envelopes full of cash from the Republican Party to finance his Leadership bid.