Saturday, June 09, 2007

Media Priorities

How does a story about a new free trade agreement between Canada and 4 European countries not make it into national news casts, while stories about how Bono is not happy with our Prime Minister make all the telecasts?

I guess on a day where the story of Paris Hilton being sent back to jail led off the Global National News cast, that I cannot expect overly much from our so called national media.

I love this quote from the PM: "I've got to say that meeting celebrities isn't kind of my shtick, that was the shtick of the previous guy." Priceless.


Anonymous said...

I think more and more Canadians are coming to the realization that most of the Canadian media have an agenda and it not reporting the news.

Tony said...

It's the left-wing media. They are not going to print an article about the Conservative government, unless it is one that puts them in a bad light.

Ken in Calgary said...

It just takes much longer to find an angle that is negative. I heard on a news station today how free trade with Norway would destroy our shipbuilding industry.