Sunday, May 06, 2007

This time they have gone too far!!

The evil conservative right wing agenda has revealed itself. They have finally gone to far, and I do not know about you, but I am not going to put up with this nonsense in any way shape or form from the Harper government

I do understand that sometimes things are done by governments to try to gain the votes among certain select areas of the population, but this is so over the top that I have to speak out on behalf of my country.

What am I talking about you ask?

Earlier today ,while I was visiting an official website of a department of the government of Canada, I came across this and managed to get a screenshot of the madness.

Please click on the picture below to enlarge and feel the outrage.

Yes, it is true. The Conservative government, in cahoots with Environment Canada, has decided to eliminate Mondays from the calender!!!!

It might be a subversive way to help meet our Kyoto targets, or it just might be a ploy to piss off Paul Martin's buddy Bono and appeal to Bob Geldof, but either way this outright pandering for votes must stop immediately. I am unsure how Stephane Dion feels about this, but all I can say is that so far his silence on this has been greatly disturbing.


I don't like Mondays either, but come on.


Anonymous said...

Monday is a work day... I thought it was a socialist conspiracy to shorten the work week and make us more dependent on the state than on our own paychecks.

My bad.

Jim said...

Toronto's OK so it is only in Edmonton.

Anonymous said...

Ask CON MP Mike Lake to save Mondays at the same time he is saving bigfoot.

Man, you guys are incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Check out South Park cartoons, it must be a conspiracy with the USA because I noticed in the DVD's when I stopped them to check out the Police Station that had Calanders with only 6 days of the week, I saw 5 rows of 6 and a single day from a 31 day month.

I bet Trey Parker will Blame-Canada.

Canadi-anna said...

I'd be for it if they'd add another Saturday.

Ardvark said...

First they screw around with daylight savings time, and now this. When will the madness end.


I like your Saturday idea Canadianna