Friday, May 04, 2007

Shane Doan, exposing stupid politicians everywhere.

Gilles Duceppe digs that hole just a little deeper with his latest thoughts on the Shane Doan fiasco.

From The Star : Gilles Duceppe said it was wrong to make Doan captain of Canada's world championship team while the star forward remains embroiled in two defamation suits related to the alleged anti-French slur. "When someone robs a bank he's presumed innocent until proven guilty – but I don't know many people who'd name them bank manager while the trial's still on," Duceppe said. "They want to name him captain even before the verdict comes in. It makes no sense. It's an insult to Quebecers."

My sides are hurting here from the laughter. Gilles figures that Doan should not be the captain of Team Canada while Doan is involved in 2 lawsuits with Denis Coderre, but it is OK for himself to be the leader of the BQ while he is involved with Stephane Dion in a defamation suit of his own.



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Tony said...

Shane Doan’s reputation has been unjustly smeared by these politicians, who are wasting our tax dollars with his nonsense, instead of dealing with the business of running our country.