Monday, May 14, 2007

Another GT Moment

This little gem from our old friend Garth Turner, who has written a little critique of the CPC website on his blog. He seems to have an issue with some spelling on the CPC site and writes the following:

"Do the young ones know how to spell ‘aloud’? If the Cons are feeling so confident, then why’s half their web site a trashing of Stephane Dion? Have the blackhead-poppers replaced Doug Finley? Do Conservatives think Canadians want negative politics? Have they read a poll lately? Do they think stupid, out-of-contenxt pictures will make people vote for them? Are these the folks you want running the country?

And, no, we’re not making this up."

I do not know who the "we" are who write your blog Garth, but maybe you could get one of them could run a spell checker.

updated: The old Garth supports cuts to the court challenges program among other things, but his current party is against that. Ht: Christian Conservative


Anonymous said...

Now Garth Turner is refering to "17-year-olds" as "blackhead-poppers"?

Is Garth Turner's website REALLY authored by a (not so honourable) MP representing the constituents of Halton, or is it written by a spoiled and vile brat with a keyboard in the basement and a clone on the Hill?

Surely Garth is trying the patience of the Liberal leadership with this kind of garbage.

Anonymous said...

We trash Stephane Dion because we are Conservatives. The Liberals trash Harper through their friends in the media. What does Garth expect us to do on a Tory blog?

What on earth is a black-head popper? I haven't had a blackhead for 55 years, so he can't mean me.

Garth, how many blackheads are you hiding uner your beard?