Thursday, May 24, 2007

Free Homes. It is in the Constitution.

Did you know the the Canadian Constitution guarantees housing, shelter and food to everyone in Canada? I was not aware of this either, but according to 'protester' David Cunningham of the Anti-Poverty Committee, these rights are included in the constitution.

Listen to the interview here, the constitution comment starts around the 7:45 mark. Ht SDA

Damn, and I have been wasting all this time working to pay for all of those things when all I had to do was put out my hand and get my constitutionally granted house.

Time to head downtown and trash Premier Stelmach's office. Maybe someone could let the CBC know that I am on my way so they have time to set up their cameras.



Canadi-anna said...

And here I've been telling my kids to study hard and get an education. What a relief to know they can just blow it off.

Ardvark said...

Entitlement:The only education you really need.


joe said...

Entitlement is too hard to spell how about everyone just uses GIMME.