Monday, November 26, 2012

The apology, Wildrose AGM, prostate health and more.

An end of the week roundup of what I have been following in the political world over the last few days.

The apology:

I don't know; maybe it is because I have long held the belief that an apology should come from the person and not their handlers ,but somehow I am just not feeling it.  It was nothing other than pure political theater that exposes just how fake his self titled 'non divisive' campaign really is.

Deer in the headlights look as Trudeau is asked not about his Alberta bashing but why he said Canada would be better off with a Quebec PM.   (Watch it yourself: approx 4 min mark of this CBC video)

Linda Duncan said it well: "He (Trudeau) insulted ALL Albertans, not just the conservative Albertans."      Yes, that Linda Duncan.

The media reaction has been more interesting including a CTV British Columbia reporter tweeting her 'luv'.

This video of perhaps the most unprofessional thing I have seen from the Parliamentary Press Gallery. How Jason Kenney ever kept his cool I will never know.  (If you have not seen this video it is a must watch)

The media's bizarre reaction to SUN News, who broke the story, is perhaps the most confusing to understand. The press seem to be pissed off at Sun News for what essentially is that the rest of them didn't do their damn jobs and find this 2 yrs ago when it was hidden away was shown on television! The failure is theirs, not Sun news' for doing their job and finding something that was hidden in plain sight. But as Dean from BC Blue mentioned over the weekend: "You would first have to believe that the Quebec media thought anything wrong with what Trudeau said."    Ha!

This certainly is a lot of fuss to make over an "out of context smear". Isn't it?

The Wildrose AGM:

Posting couple of links on this but for a very good overview Cory Morgan does a great job here.

And from the 'professional media', who were actually allowed into the Wildrose AGM as opposed to the recent PC AGM, we have:

Don Braid in the Herald 

and Rick Bell in the SUN for your reading pleasure.

I should note that while I was at the Wildrose AGM, that it was only for a brief couple of hours late on Saturday afternoon. Contrary to popular belief I am not a card carrying member and only dropped in after learning that well known NDP activist Lou Arab was going to be in attendance. If they let Lou in, they would let anyone in. Okay, that is not 100% true. I did check with an organizer and got green light to attend.

It was nice meeting up with a few old friends, meeting new ones and putting faces to names of many others. The future of the Wildrose looks bright.

Which brings me to prostate health.

Lou was sporting quite the dapper mustache which reminded me that November is prostate awareness month, also known as Movember, please take the time to make a donation for a very worthy cause.

The Argonauts win the 100th Grey Cup.

I knew the horse wanted in. I just didn't know that 'in' meant in as the Stampeder offensive coordinator.

Enjoy your week.

Late additions:

Rob Ford loses his job as Toronto mayor.

Mark Carney gets a new one as head of the Bank of England.

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