Sunday, November 11, 2012

8 years ago under a Ralph Klein government: Alberta was 100% debt free and paid in full...

After only 13 months of an Alison Redford government: Alberta is headed back into debt.

This is not what we were promised by Redford and her Progressive, but no longer Conservative, Party. The budget was promised to be balanced next year and Alberta was to be running surpluses the following years.

Neither of these are going to happen. It is another in a long line of broken promises from Redford.

The budget is already blown and taking on debt because the 40+ billion dollars that our government takes in as revenue per year is not freaking enough is asinine. If the PC's can't balance a budget now, with the best economy in the country, when will we EVER be able to?

We have gone from being "paid in full" under Klein, with $30 a barrel oil to being back into debt under Alison Redford with $85 a barrel oil. This after she promised surpluses to get elected.  

Albertan's were duped.

Is this what you voted for?

Don Braid It is very odd, and more than a little sad, that Ralph Klein’s fiscal legacy officially ended just three days before the ailing ex-Premier will receive his Order of Canada.

It came to a skidding stop at 9:05 p.m. Friday when Premier Alison Redford, after praising Klein in a speech to her PC Party convention, told reporters:

“If everything we do right now is funded fully with cash in the bank, then we are never going to build anything more in this province.


Blame Crash said...

These pukes in the PC Party are nothing more than a crime syndicate that’s obsessed with siphoning off the wealth and power of this province right into their grubby little hands. This confederacy of crooks is comprised of PC politicians, bureaucrats, government unions and crony corporate cheats, especially those in the electrical generation and distribution rackets. But let us not forget the multitudes of low life PC party, private sector grifters who are working hand in hand with the regulation luvin bureaucrats in order to rig more and more of the economy so that it has to flow through their sticky fingers.
These deficits were a forgone conclusion to anyone with an ounce of common sense.
The Alberta and Toronto media knew also, but they hid it and instead took their orders from the above mentioned shysters and made mountains out of the littlest mole hills of controversies.
Well, at least I’ll get a couple of “free” tickets to watch a bunch of Euro snots and Canadian wannabees ride and jump around on their whorsies.
Lucky me and lucky you too!

Anonymous said...

PC party has been a failure since Getty. Klein traded a fiscal debt for an infrastructure debt.

Anonymous said...

I think you got it wrong.
I moved back to BC when the cost of living and taxes got to BC levels(2003), Plus I hated your anti-constitutional labor laws and the crackheads they created from pot heads by it, it just got too dangerous in the oil field. I watched Klein build the largest government in Canada, I watched him raid the rainy day fund, I wrote many letters to the editor (Edmonton sun newspaper) about it.
Klein was a liberal, he filled the PC party with Liberals.
Klein is a myth, he barked loud then caved to Ottawa time after time, Sabotaged the Fed Conservatives during a federal election, and spit(literally) on the poor, sound like your average conservative to you?
He was a Liberal both before and after he became PC premier "on a bet" and now it's come home to haunt in the form of very red Redford, fan of Agenda 21.
Not saying you had a better choice(hell I voted PC) but gimme a break on King Ralph being anything but incompetent and cowardly with a booming economy(by Ottawa lifting age old regulations that drove out the industry in the first place) and a healthy world economy.
Hell Taxpayers were paying 50% of the construction wages when Ralph was King. Double the work force needed was used in the oil patch paid Partially by taxpayers, I was one of those, Carpenter/Scaffolder, It disgusted me, I like to work, I don't like the Look busy BS pretend to work crap that was going on.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Klein was an Albertan first and a Canadian second. Alison Redford is a Canadian first and Albertan second.

Ralph protected Alberta’s interests and people. Redford is giving our resources away to eastern Canada.

Ralph didn’t promote emigration from eastern Canada. Redford is blabbing her big mouth off to eastern Canada about how much work there is which has resulted in too many easterners coming here taking our jobs working for less money. As a result, many born and bread Albertans have been screwed out of making an good honest living.

Anonymous said...

I predict that the budget after this upcoming one will include a provincial sales tax. That's the only way they will be able to provide a teacher for every student so education can be tailored to the individual needs of the student; That's how they will provide a new apartment for every druggie and alcoholic who lives on the street. (Remember, it's never their's society.); That's how they will provide a social worker to tag along with every police officer to ensure that criminals are ensured that they are treated as the victims instead of the other way around.

Powell Lucas