Thursday, November 29, 2012

Premier Redford digs herself deeper. Denies she's lied minutes after those lies were exposed

Alison Redford stood before the cameras earlier today and said that she stands behind her words yesterday that it was not her who made the decision as to which legal firm would get the contract for litigation against the tobacco industry. The only problem is that minutes before government documents were revealed that indeed prove that it was Alison Redford who did make that decision.

Link to Premier Redford's brief presser ( not the first one that was cancelled 17 minutes before it was scheduled, but another one that she was forced to hold due to the criticism for cancelling the first: Media availability Nov 29.

Link to CBC article with the damning documents ( be sure to read all 7 pages at bottom of page) CBC Story.

Dec. 21, 2010 email: "Hi Barb, can you confirm with Jeff and modify as needed — get the letters to the losers confirmed and ready to go. You can sign for me. Speak to Lorne about the winners and the timing with the letters."

Dec. 22, 2010, departmental email states: "Attached are the scanned signed memos that have just been emailed to the unsuccessful candidates." Those memos contained a letter signed by Sprague titled, "Letter to unsuccessful party," which states: "I regret to advise that your proposal was not successful."

Jan. 13, 2011, briefing note, assistant deputy minister Sprague states: "Shortly before Christmas, Minister Redford selected the International Tobacco Recovery Lawyers (the Jensen consortium)."

A July 5, 2012, email from Justice spokesman Dan Laville to CBC states:
"On December 14, 2010, then justice minister Alison Redford determined that TRL consortium [sic] provided the best 'made in Alberta' litigation plan. The decision was communicated to the consortiums and law firm shortly thereafter."

Be sure to read see copies of the originals at the CBC article linked to above!  7 pages that prove Alison Redford lied and misled the Alberta Legislature and all Albertans.

If Redford would have simply went with the 'this was not a conflict of interest' argument she might have been fine, but she didn't do that. Instead she chose to go with the 'I didn't make the decision' route and now it is coming back to bite her and forever taint her in the eyes of Albertans.

This is going to stick.


Candace said...

She is literally unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

As I was playing squash the other day at the club I looked at the big flat white wall and I though of REDford. Now every time I play squash or shuffle board I can’t help but think of seeing her.

It must be the way she wears her hair or her forehead or something.

Anonymous said...

You're absurd. The loony left attacks have to stop.

wilson said...

Decision made prior to Dec 21, 2010
REDford resigned as Minister Feb 18, 2011.

Her 'not in conflict' agrument would not stand the test. The Ex was part of her transition team, an obvious conflict, perhaps he was on the payroll (?)

I think, after 'it got personal' with her Sister, she blurted out the lie in the legislation just to 'make it stop'.

Funny she was not prepared for this. With all the FOI requests that must have been made on this issue, guess no one forewarned her.
That's a promising sign.

Ardvark said...

I think there are so many FOI requests that they don't know which way to turn anymore.

It is clear she lied. She may have not signed the contract but she did make the decision.

Poor judgement on her part but that seems to be the norm with her. Remember how she handled the no meet committee and the Gary Mar fundraising mess?

wilson said...

She lied in The People's House, to the people.

And her Justice Minister can't get his story straight either.
(he should be fired too)

CBC reports: ''In a phone conversation late Tuesday night, (Justice Minister Jonathan) Denis personally stated that Redford, although having MADE THE DECISION, was not in a conflict of interest.

By Wednesday afternoon however, Denis was telling reporters Redford had NOT made the decision...''

If REDfrod (haha, spelling mistake) won't set aside, then the 'good guys' in her caucus should revolt and stand as Independents.
I doubt WR is too keen on accepting floorcrossers at this point in time.

wilson said...

And not to forget the $29,000 in political contributions the PC/Redford campaigns received.

I'm not suggesting payback as much as proof of the close personal relationship that screams 'conflict of interest'.

Anonymous said...

Albertans won't stand for UN Doublespeak.

Anonymous said...

Stelmach and now Redford. Why does the PC Party have difficulty getting quality candidates. How much of a clown show do these guys have to get beforeAlbertans stopping voting conservative?