Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Compare and Contrast: Merali vs Redford.

So the big news from the other day was the discovery that current AHS VP Lynn Redford, the Premiers sister, attended Progressive Conservative party events at public expense and helped organize an annual Tory barbeque while she was a senior executive at the Calgary Health Region.

Those familiar with the goings on in Alberta politics may find this story similar to the Allaudin Merali story from a few months back. There are plenty of similarities between the 2 stories but there are also plenty of differences; mostly with the reaction from the Premier.

Let's compare and contrast.

Allaudin Merali: formerly a senior executive with Alberta Health Services and former executive with Capital Health before it amalgamated into AHS.

Lynn Redford: currently a senior executive at Alberta Health Services and former executive with the Calgary Health Region before it amalgamated into AHS.

Allaudin Merali: caught up in an expense scandal (revealed much later) while he was with Capital Health

Lynn Redford: caught up in an expense scandal (revealed much later) while she was with Calgary Health Region.

Alludin Merali: expensed thousands to Capital Health for lavish items.

Lynn Redford: expensed thousands to Calgary Regional for partisan political events and activities.

Allaudin Merali's expenses: while optically bad for all involved, did not actually violate any health region guidelines at the time. He did nothing wrong.

Lynn Redford's expenses: optically bad as well and also may have not actually violated any health region guidelines at the time. But they do appear to violate Alberta Election law.

Premier Redford's comments on Alludin Merali (who did nothing illegal)
"I'm very disappointed in this conduct and I think it is totally unacceptable"

"We can't allow this sort of conduct to happen, "It's entirely inappropriate."

"I am pleased to see that the right decision was taken with respect to terminating the employee and that the board member (Sheila Weatherill) chose to leave."  "My view is that if those two things hadn't happened, we as government would have stepped in and ensured that the same result was delivered." *

Premier Redford's comments on Lynn Redford (who it appears did do something illegal)
She called the criticism "excited allegations" adding "I have confidence in my sister."

FYI: The Premier has not commented on the subject since.

I wonder why the big difference in responses?

* Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Premier Redford openly threatened to fire an employee (Merali not board member Weatherill) of an supposedly arms length agency? Under what authority would this be possible?

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Anonymous said...

Doesn’t matter much. If frontal lobe Redford with her forehead is not giving money to her family she’s giving it to Ottawa and Quebec for transfer payments to support the eastern bums.

Anonymous said...

Amen,brother. Progressive, in political terms, can be defined as we'll tax the hell out of people to support hare-brained social programs with the understanding that we get our cut off the top first.

Powell Lucas

Anonymous said...

This crap has been going on since the Klein days. Conservatives are a disgrace.

hunter said...

Anon, there is nothing conservative about Redford and her party except their name.