Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The PCAA: The biggest, baddest politcal machine in Alberta

In spite of what Redford and the PC's may want all of us to believe, it is wise for everyone to remember that the Alberta Progressive Conservatives are hardly the underdog or are somehow disadvantaged in this election. They are easily the largest, best funded, most organized and best connected political machine that this province has ever seen. Their resources dwarf any other party and probably all of them combined, and considering that they are also the current government, that advantage is multiplied even further as they are able to use the resources of the government for their own purposes, even though they should not be doing so.

We had the $100,000+ pre-election "cabinet tour" in back in January, the weekend retreat to Jasper in February where the PC caucus met up with the unelected PCAA candidates, commercials on the budget long before it was passed, and the ability to summon the media at will for a photo op or announcement of any kind and they took full advantage of all of it and all our our our dime.

And they are still at it!

I received this at a parent council meeting at our local school Apr 2, one week into the election campaign.

It is an outline of what the what the Alberta government (read PC's) are spending on education and includes the latest information from the 2012 budget, which bring up the obvious question: When was this printed?
The budget passed late on March 21st (BTW Redford was not in attendance and did not vote on her OWN budget) and the election call was on March 26th, with them being distributed and handed out only 1 week later!

Did the PCs again use government resources for free election advertising?  I think the answer is a definitive yes, the PC machine is more than willing to use not only their own ample resources to try to get themselves elected, but also tax payer dollars as well.

It is going to be an interesting few weeks as election day nears and PC election machine gets rolling and spends their money. The PCs have already gone negative ( pre-election attack ad, anonymous robo-calls pretending to be polls, election advertising claiming Danielle Smith is "not worth the risk") and if the last few days are any indication it is going to get nastier as the reality of the poll numbers start to sink in and have started to lash out like a cornered animal resorting to fear mongering and baseless smears as I called a few weeks back.

One more thing: Can we now ALL admit, given the ample evidence to the contrary, that Redford's oft repeated promises that the PCs will run a clean campaign are simply nothing but BS?  I think we are all getting tired of being lied to to our faces about this delusion.


Anonymous said...

It’s sad that a party that has governed for over 40 years with the largest majorities in the country and is not able to run on their record.

It’s doubly sad that they are running on a platform of change and renewal.

Voters aren’t dumb, they understand you can have change and renewal by voting for another party :-)


Anonymous said...

Does any so called Conservative out there even give a hoot about the fact that a terrorist is returning to Canada. And does the fact that this terrorist get free health care, dental care, free medical prescriptions, free legal counsel and even the right to vote from prison even concern anyone out here?