Sunday, April 22, 2012

After 41 years Alberta is poised for much needed change.

We don't change governments often in Alberta but when we do, we do it in a decisive dramatic fashion.

Election day is Monday and for the first time that I can remember, I would say my life but I was a born a Social Credit baby, Alberta is poised to make that change, and in my opinion it is long over due.

I could literally post 100's of reasons/links as to why the PC's, both before and under Redford, do not deserve to be rewarded with our votes and returned to government, but I think most everyone reading this already knows the truth about the PCAA record , be they PC supporters or not.

But it goes well beyond that.

Some time in the last 41 years the PC's have lost sight of the line between political party and government. They have treated our government as some type of fiefdom where their friends and allies get  rewarded with lucrative contracts, sometimes for doing little or nothing, and appointments to the many boards, agencies, bureaus, and offices throughout the system. Gary Mar, Kelley Charlebois, and even Ken Hughes names quickly come to mind but there have been 1000's of them made over the years with cronyism being the tool used by the PC's to stack our bureaucracy.

Making matters worse, the PC's have developed an arrogance and lack of accountability that rivals that of the federal Liberals under Chretien or Martin. Be it the callous nature that they treated the revelations of 50+ cases of the PC's receiving illegal donations and the law Redford passed as Justice Minister that forbids Albertans from EVER finding out the findings of Elections Alberta, to the way Redford handled the no-meet committee, the healthcare inquiry,HQCA recommendations, Mar etc, the PC's have shown that they really don't care what the people of Alberta think or want.

Alberta desperately needs to clean house and have start fresh. We have to elect a different party to takeover the reigns of power and do some serious house cleaning within the system and to the laws governing that system. It is our government and it is time that is was working for us and not the political party that ran it for 41 consecutive years. Power does corrupt and every once in a while this has to be done for not only the good of the government but also for the good of the party that has lost its way; and I am sorry to say this but the Alberta Progressive Conservatives have indeed lost their way and like with the federal Liberals they are in dire need of a good kick in the ass from the voters to knock them down a peg and shake things up if they want to salvage what is left of the once proud PC party.

To paraphrase the late Jack Layton: The Progressive Conservative Party is going into the repair shop for a while to work through its ethical, accountability, and arrogance issues, so it can figure out what it's about. They're going to be busy thinking about themselves, not you. Lend your vote to the party that will keep Alberta and our economy moving, one that will put Albertans first while the PC's take the much needed time to reflect on what the party stands for and who they are; vote Wildrose! The only conservative option.


Anonymous said...

Ummm....Uhhhh...Well...You're a racist!! HA!! So there!! I win! I win!

Ardvark said...

That is another reason why the PC's need to go and re-evaluate themselves. Attacking their 'base' and insulting comments has done much more harm than I think they realize.

Being called a bigot and a racist by PC's just so they can retain power has burned lots of bridges and done permanent damage. This is not a hockey game, where the players forget after it is over, some will remember the baseless name-calling long after this election is in the books.

Ardvark said...

BTW: I know anon was making a joke,it just reminded me of the real smears and name calling that I myself have received from certain PC supporters.

Enkidu said...

I wasn't old enough to vote, but I remember the last time Alberta changed governments. I recall the intense discussions between my dad and my grandma about it. Grandma was a Socred activist and dad felt that it was time for change.

Well, it's time for change again. If dad were alive today I think he'd agree, I know grandma would. In forty years, or even in thirty, if Wildrose is still in power I will probably vote against them. Tomorrow I will vote for change.

NeoLuddite said...

Methinks the PCs didn't have the common sense avoid burning bridges - leaving smoke may have served their purposes better. That said, I'm not all enamoured of Redford's bulldozer style politics. She can keep her grand design to herself - I'll keep and manage the change myself - Thanks anyway.

Redford is not personally invested in Alberta - truth be be known she's really a carpet-bagger for the shadowy powers-that-be.

Clown Prty said...

The only victory I would love to see if REDford DID NOT win her seat in her own ridding ... particularly after what she said about King Ralph. (Yes, he made some mistakes, yet he won the hearts of Alberta.)

Calgary Junkie said...

There's obviously going to be a lot of lessons learned after tonight's vote, especially by the supposed conservative Parties in the land. Here is what I hope they learn:

1. Do NOT try to be a 'big tent' Party.

2. If you haven't already, drop the word "progressive" from your name.

3. Ignore your conservative base at your peril.

4. DO ignore the left wing rabble. They are a lot more trouble than their maybe one-time vote is worth.

5. Take some chances. For example, articulate a governing philosophy--a set of principles that will guide you when in power--so that voters know what to expect in the way of legislation and governance. The usual suspects will howl that this is 'scary ideology', but ignore their rantings.