Saturday, April 21, 2012

The PC strategy: Avoid talking record/policy at all costs and smear the Wildrose.

The following YouTube video is 6 minutes and 30 seconds long and it is perhaps the best commentary available on the PC end game election strategy out there.

Excellent work.

The only thing that I think is missing is some content on why most of the PC's fear/smears are in reality non issues, which is our laws and our Charter of rights.

The law is the law people, no government in the land could pass the type of legislation that the PCs are claiming that the Wildrose party would bring in if elected and that is just simple fact. It cannot happen, due to our already existing laws/Charter! 
I have had this discussion many times with the Wildrose haters on Twitter and have stopped them all in the tracks with the following question:

Be specific. Which 'conscience right' or 'legislation' would allow the government or a government employee, to ever violate Section 15.1 of the Charter of Rights and freedoms?

The answer is simple: there is none. It is impossible as the law is the law and anyone who claims to tell you otherwise is just trying to scare you.

And one would think, or at least hope, that a human right lawyer like Alison Redford would be fully aware of what our laws are and how they would apply. Perhaps she is too busy running that clean campaign that she promised numerous times to know that this has become an issue in the election, but somehow I really doubt that to be the case. She is fully aware of what is going on but is choosing to try and scare Albertans instead.

And that I do find to be scary.

Speaking of scary: The PC record.


CanadianSense said...

It is unfair to expect the haters of Albertans to allow Wildrose succession.

They spent a long time in taking over the PC's and driving out the Conservatives.

Albertans character, soul not for sale, Liberals don't get it.

WTF said...

It is not surprising since the tarana people seem to be running the campain but what is surprising is that anyone in Alberta is falling for it after seeing it being done at the federal level for decades.