Friday, November 04, 2011

Hey look at me. The latest Liberal strategy.

It is hard to be the third party and even harder when you believe that you are 'the natural governing party' of Canada. A disinterested public doesn't really seem to care and the media all but ignore you in favour of covering the governing party and the official opposition.

So what do you do?

Easy; you stage some sort of event that will garner attention from the press and try to get some media time to yell look at me into the cameras so that you can appear relevant.

Not a bad idea in theory but it is important to pick the right issue and personally I don't believe that a uni-lingual AG is that issue. You know that this will eventually come back to bite them in the ass at some point in the future and I think that most Canadians would rather see these things awarded on merit rather than on fluency in both official languages, which makes the Liberals move appear self-serving.

However it appears that the Liberals do not share my thinking on this as earlier today under interim leader Bob Rae they staged their little attention grabbing walkout. While we don't know how well it will go over with the public, who seem to have issues when Liberals don't show up to work, according to Bob Rae the media bought into it big time.

Bob Rae: Well I think actually in this case it is more effective, your talking to me today so are many other reporters. (CTV video clip approx 4:30)

Update: Kelly McParland on how out of touch the Liberals are on this. 

Civil servant and Ignatieff donor walks away from his job.  (Pure coincidence that he uses the same lame tactic as the Liberals I assume.) Further update:  Dorais quit the committee to select a new AG after a new AG had been chosen and there is no longer a need for the committee.  Wow, what courage.


Calgary Junkie said...

Only a Liberal, and our mediocre ppg, would seriously believe that Bob Rae's superior theatrical ability will make a dime's worth of difference when voters are marking their ballots in Oct. 2015. What is it with these clowns in the anti-Harper universe--they almost always latch on to the same lame narrative, and run with it for way too long. You can see many other examples of these lemmings drinking each other's bath water, just by watching the power panel on Power & Politics.

What these jokers can't get their heads around is that there is a new sherrif in town with a majority mandate. The pendulum which has swung way too far to the left on pretty well all the federal files, is now being pushed back to the right. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, This was a dud.

Today, very little is being said about their stunt. With Greece, unemployment numbers, Iran-Israel tensions and perhaps biggest of all the Leafs in first place, the news has already moved on.

What will they do for an encore?

wilson said...

30 Lib MPs not showing up to vote is not news, it is same old same old....

Platty said...

What will the Liberals do for an encore?

They'll be having a week long fundraiser, even came up with a name for the event, they're calling it Rae days.

Ah yes, happy times are here again!


Anonymous said...

Chretien also appointed a unilingual AG. His name was Ken Dye. However, I guess thats ok because it was a Liberal doing the appointing. The opposition had almost five years of controlling everything. Now it is payback time. The Libs and Dippers can cry fowl on anything they want. They will be ignored and Canada will progress over the next four years.

Sean M said...

I'd like to see the "Liberals" perform more of these cynical preconceived stunts. Open up the pandoras box of forced "bilingualism" all you want. The more exposure the inherently bigoted "bilingual" policies of Peeair Trudeau are exposed the better. Maybe the "Liberals" and NDPQ can whine just enough to force a forensic audit of the costs associated with forced "bilingualism". Maybe the new AG, Mr. Ferguson can expose the colossal waste of billions of taxpayer dollars down the "bilingual" toilet.

Thucydides said...

Lets really turn our attention on the Liberals!

How about asking deadbeat Bob if he has (finally) paid back the loans from the leadership race? How about the other Liberal candidates?

Lets focus our attention on where the missing $40 million from ADSCAM went, shall we?

How about researching the Billion Dollar Boondoggle, or Shawinagate or maybe the true cost of various Liberal programs that the current government is winding down?

We really need to put laser like attention on the Liberals (especially since the NDP isn't going to remain at "Orange Crush" levels of support until 2015).