Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Alberta Sales Tax: The final nail.

Alberta Finance Minister Ron Liepert says it’s time to consider implementation of a new provincial sales tax.

Still think that there is anything even remotely conservative about Alberta's PCAA government?

Updated: Sun story: Sales tax cometh


Bec said...

Ahh, the perfect storm!

The Premier FINALLY going to Washington, AFTER the POTUS announcement (wow, that was leadership) and now the Finance Minister can't creatively cut spending!
It's that damn drop in oil revenue, you know! (sarc) What's a guy to do?

This is a gong show and I am so afraid that they will do more damage in a few months than the idiots before them!

Time for a revolt and this will probably do it.

Blame Crash said...

There is nothing surprising about this when you realize that the PC Party has become the political arm of the Bureaucrats. They’re the ones who put Old Red in the Premiers office and they want and expect her to hand over a bigger and bigger “fair share” to them. The Bureaucrat Class believe that it is they who are the centre of the solar system so you can expect that their idea of “fair share” can be translated into it being a world of hurt for everyone else.

Ardvark said...

The comparisons of Redford to McGuinty are becoming truer by the day.

Blame Crash said...

I think we can conclude that they have no intention of bringing their spending under control and we can also deduct that a sales tax will not reduce the deficit, it’ll only increase their spend-thrift ways.
The good news is that the battle lines have now been drawn.
It will come down to a battle between “Government, by the Government, for the Government. vs the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Typical left-wing thinking: let's raise taxes to pay for environmentalist wet dreams like carbon capture and sequestration, or let's raise taxes for more non-productive social programs; never a word about how we can cut spending.

Ardvark said...

Yes I do believe we can make that conclusion. The PCs do not intend to make the necessary reductions because they have long ago run out of ideas and have been spending in a misguided attempt to please everyone.

The_Iceman said...

I bet Gary Mar is looking pretty good right now. Or would you rather have Stelmach back?

Anonymous said...

Gary Mar?? ahhhh no thanks I will wait for the next election take the Wild Rose Alliance.

Rob C

Blame Crash said...

My guess is that the Bureaucrats puppet will be doing a flip flop today by claiming that he was just musing out loud. But the real purpose was to quickly flash this diabolic idea into people’s consciousness in order to lessen the shock when it’s actually done. This propaganda technique is called Subliminal Seduction.

Ardvark said...

And right on cue the back peddling and spin begins:http://alberta.ca/NewsFrame.cfm?ReleaseID=/acn/201111/31530AD3A1B08-F761-A0C5-0A4DA0B8BD1F165A.html

But don't you find it odd that Liepert wants to have a "conversation" on a PST that he NOW claims will not be brought in?

What's the point in doing so?

Anonymous said...

Typical left-wing thinking:

Typical right wing thinking is borrow and spend, let someone else pay instead of taxing now for what you spend now.