Monday, November 21, 2011

The Alberta Redux Act of 2011.

The Redford government announced today that in an effort to be more efficient that they would be putting forward only one bill in the second part of the fall sitting of the Alberta Legislature. The legislation entitled "The Alberta Redux Act" would effectively erase the past five years of PC government from the memories of Albertans and wipe out any legislation passed during this period.

"It will be much more efficient and save us a lot of time," said Alberta's Minister of Miscommunication, "instead of putting forward numerous bills to fix our flawed legislation, we will just pretend as if the past 5 years never happened and start from scratch." "It is both efficient and transparent" quickly adding, "and change too; must not forget to use the word change a lot."

The second part of the once cancelled fall session begins today.


maryT said...

Would the premiers election be included in wiping out all stuff in the past five years.

wilson said...

Haha, good one Mary!

The Red team was NOT elected Premier, just leader of the PC's,
they have no mandate from Albertans.

Call a provincial election Redford.

Anonymous said...

The PC Party is as old as any good communist dictatorship. They are entitled to a mulligan.

PS. Ralph was a liberal and was a damn good premier.

I'm still voting Wildrose.

ScottS said...

Let's hope the wage increases are part of this also.