Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spotted parked outside of Liberal Party HQ

The "Just Visiting Express."

But unlike Ignatieff's Do-Over bus tour, it will not be stopping at "every Tim Hortons" in Canada. Come to think of it I doubt Ignatieff will make to even 2% of the Tim's even though he promised* to do stop at them all, but that is the value of an Ignatieff promise. Exaggerated and worthless.

More photos here.

Naughty naughty.

A couple of more links on the latest news.

Joanne on the bus tour.

The soggy launch with bad "conservative" weather.

The Media notices the sulfur comment.

Something smells.

Kelly McParland calls it.

* Michael Ignatieff's promise: "Starting today we’re going to get on a bus and go to every province and territory between July and September, if it doesn’t kill me first." “We’re going to stop at every legion hall, every barbecue, every Tim Horton’s and shake every hand in the house.”


Anonymous said...

That one goes to all the Starbucks along the way. (real conservative)

wilson said...

CPC, if you are listening,
where do I get the 'Just Visiting Express' t-shirts?

frmgrl said...

CPC, if you are listening,
where do I get the 'Just Visiting Express' t-shirts?

Yeah,I'm with wilson. I want one too.

Bec said...

Oh this is just to funny and someone has a creative mischief streak! Is it really outside Libbie Headquarters? Brilliant!

The "t-shirts"? A gold mine, I'm in!

Reid said...

My sources tell me the "Just Visiting Express" will shadow Iggypalooza 2010 for the entire 3 months. Absolutely brilliant!

Jeff said...

OK, I'm now officially nervous. Michael Ignatieff is making this too easy. We need a serious leader of the opposition. Not this poseur.

Ardvark said...

The Do-over tour just made an unscheduled stop at a Tim Hortons.(http://twitter.com/RosieBarton/status/18456950315)

1 down 2,970 to go!

maryT said...

Who planned the itinerary for this trip, what a waste of gas, going to Sask, then back to Quebec. Shouldn't he have started in NFLD, spent a few days in each province, instead of back and forth. Any list of those on the bus paying all their own expenses. Did he know how or what to order at Tims.

Anonymous said...

are those peel-n-stick decals on the Iffy bus? What are they hiding?
Perhaps the "Acme Pest Control" sign from the company they borrowed the van from?

maryT said...

Bus breaks down, story at NNW.
And reported live on P&P as it happened. Barton sent him an e-mail which he read on air.
Does she plan to spend her summer with the bus, how boring.
Car sent to take iggy and wife to bbq with a few media along.

CanadianSense said...

I would ask for a refund on the Liberal express to nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they can offer to help repair the 'liberalpalloza tour 2010' bus when it breaks down. (real conservative)

Jen said...

Ignatieff said that he will stop and shake hands at every bbq and at tim hortons so how is it he is in Ontario already.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Are you claiming that a Liberal leader would lie to us?

Take that back!