Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just one of us. The 10 things Ignatieff can't live without.

A list of 10 things Michael Ignatieff can't live without. Proving that he is just like your average Canadian.

Weird, I can't find hockey, beer and the natural wilderness anywhere on that list.

ht Paul Wells.

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Ignatieff messes up again. "No one has ever said or will ever say in this party that Canadian soldiers were involved in torture"

Errr wrong, Bill Prout Liberal candidate for
Dufferin Caledon , did just that. (make sure to read the editorial comment.) I would call this one a lie but maybe he was unaware of Prout's comment(s) on Canadian troops being involved in torture.

I do believe however that he must know that other prominent Liberals have been saying that Canadian troops are implicated in war crimes. What does Ignatieff say about that. (hint: this would be a great question to ask Ignatieff if you happen to be near
Meet the commoners bus tour. He is too scared to even visit Alberta on his , so I won't get the chance to ask him.


Bruce from Cambridge said...

what a fruitcake

CanadianSense said...

Liberals are to blame for their party.

As outsider or biased blogger our opinions are mocked and attacked.

Sadly if the CPC were repeating the mistakes of the Liberals the advice would be similar.

The lack of support from Canadians does not give them pause in their ineffective rhetoric.

I am losing confidence in their desire to do the necessary work to fix their party or provide a real opposition to the government.

Joanne BLY said...

The Liberal Party has a big problem.

They see the issue as the leader's personality or lack thereof, when in actual fact they have no policy; no way to differentiate themselves from the CPC in a credible way.

jad said...

Where to begin ...

... reading War and Peace, "one of the highlights of our time together"

... Alfred Brendel - an Austrian pianist, born in Czechoslovakia and a resident of the United Kingdom. He is also a poet and author of the surreal. Wow, how Canadian

... a night at the opera - so much better than watching the Leafs

... pasta with broccoli, just what every Canadian kid wants for supper

... and then there's the Moleskines - Moleskine items are designed in Italy. Most of them are printed, assembled and stitched in China. So much for home-grown industry.

Calgary Junkie said...

"...My wife, Zsuzsanna, and I had 10 days off during Christmas 2007, and we read the book to each other. ..."

TEN DAYS !?! That is just incomprensible to me. Surely two hours would have been more than enough.

But it shows again how Iggy hasn't been able to make the transition from academic life, to political life.

The guy is a dilettante--just dabbling in politics. All that time re-reading War and Peace would have been better spent on any number of more practical political matters.

maryT said...

If Rae was leader would he have allowed the NFLD six to rebel, or allowed Holland to holler daily re faux scandals, or Bennett to send body bag 10%ers out, or Hedy Fry and her Canadians are embarrassed to show the flag leaflets out. Or would he have allowed (ordered) his mps to be absent for votes. Would he have triggered an election. How about defeating their own abortion motion. What would he have done different, nothing. It is not the leader who is the main problem it is their caucus.
Until a liberal leader has the guts to say no safe nominations, all will be open, nothing will change. What Rae would have done is form a coalition with the NDP with the intent to grow into one party, with him as leader.
When we see iffy, we see a man who was defeated by Dion by the grassroots of the party. Nothing he can do will erase that.
JC was kicked out or forced to resign, and he took his revenge by changing the rules for donations, knowing that would kill the party.

Anonymous said...

Count Iggy channeling Bertie Wooster channeling Iggy:

"You know, I rather think I agree with those poet-and-philosopher Johnnies who insist that a fellow ought to be devilish pleased if he has a bit of trouble.

All that stuff about being refined by suffering, you know. Suffering does give a chap a sort of broader and more sympathetic outlook. It helps you to understand other people's misfortunes if you've been through the same thing yourself. As I stood in my lonely bedroom at the hotel, trying to tie my white tie myself, it struck me for the first time that there must be whole squads of chappies in the world who had to get along without a man to look after them. I'd always thought of Jeeves as a kind of natural phenomenon; but, by Jove! of course, when you come to think of it, there must be quite a lot of fellows who have to press their own clothes themselves and haven't got anybody to bring them tea in the morning, and so on. It was rather a solemn thought, don't you know. I mean to say, ever since then I've been able to appreciate the frightful privations the poor have to stick."

- P. G. Wodehouse, “My Man Jeeves”

h/t No Pasaran

Soccermom said...

I read that list and I thought...OK, how corny is this guy? There is nothing everyday and "normal" about him. He's a freak!

I'll bet he also wears sock suspenders, and his wife cuts up his food for him.

maryT said...

What is it about lib leaders that their wives must dress them. Who picked out JCs clothes.
Agree with Soccermom on suspenders and cutting his food. But, pasta doesn't need much cutting, does she spoon feed him too.

greyburr said...

Now if he had talked about his Purdy bird gun ,his Hardy flyrod or even his first boink in the wilds of Algonquin I might say the man deserves a second look.Pasta,dolls and 10 days off reading revolutionary romance novels just seem so pretentious and prissy to me.

Ardvark said...

The Cartoons Dr.Roy has linked up at his place are well worth a look.

I feel an Alfred Apps memo coming out soon on editorial cartoonists.

marie said...

As outsider or biased blogger our opinions are mocked and attacked.

Sadly if the CPC were repeating the mistakes of the Liberals the advice would be similar.

Commonless sense, Liberals are just fowllowing the CPC style. after all they are biases to the core. they are the experts at attacking and mocking anyone who doesn't agree with the. Nothing but a bunch of imature bullies.

Check out all liberal bloggers and open your wee mind and eyes and see for yourself. You are one of the worst offenders.

Ardvark said...

Thanks for clearing that all up for us Marie.