Friday, July 16, 2010

LPC President Alfred Apps on the biased media.

Public Eye does it again. This time they have obtained a letter from Liberal Party President Alfred Apps complaining that the media "increasingly appears to have lost all perspective on reality" in its coverage of the federal Liberals.

The analysis, which was obtained by Public Eye, states "much of the media, not to mention some 'nervous Nellies' within the LPC's own ranks, appear to have unquestioningly bought into a narrative about (Michael Ignatieff) and LPC's electoral prospects under his leadership that has all the marks of being Tory/NDP-inspired."

Specifically, "the 'consensus worldview of the Canadian press' since June 2009 has been this: Ignatieff being arrogant and aloof among other things, is unable to 'connect' with ordinary Canadians. It naturally follows that he is doomed to failure as a leader and will inevitably lead LPC to defeat in the next election."

The analysis goes on to describe why that consensus is wrong and how the Liberals are, in fact, positioned to win the next election. For example, it states impressions of Mr. Ignatieff "are so far removed from the reality of who he is that they are not likely to survive the inevitable scrutiny of a more engaged electorate during a lively campaign."

Much more here but read it for yourself.

Note the chart on page 5 where it states Jan 2006 and April 2006 that Dion was the leader.

In Jan 2006 Paul Martin (he didn't even make the chart at all) was the leader, at least until the election Jan 23, 2006 when he resigned soon after, then he was replaced by Bill Graham as leader until Dion won in December 2006.

What does it say about the state of the Liberal Party when its President Alfred Apps does not even know who the leader of his own party was!

Perhaps the MSM made that chart for Apps; what other explanation could there be.

Perspective and context for Liberals

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Update: Alfred Apps stirs up the ghost of Pierre Trudeau.

Related idiocy from Apps: In November 2009 Apps called H1N1 Stephen Harper's hurricane Katrina!!


Joanne (True Blue) said...

It's great to see the LPC fighting with liberal MSM. Heh.

Anonymous said...

is this guy living in fairy land?

Anonymous said...

is this guy living in fairy land?

Anonymous said...

Now Liberals are complaining about less than fawning media coverage - what is the the world coming too? Before you know it, they will have to control access to the leader. Cheers. FernStAlbert

Calgary Junkie said...

One of the things the "inevitable scrutiny" is going to reveal to voters, is that Iggy doesn't know his files. Certainly nowhere near the level of detail that PMSH the policy wonk does.

We saw this Achilles heel of Iggy's exposed yesterday, in Kingston, when he had no clue what Bill C-6 was about. Some reporters are going to have a field day during campaign scrums, throwing out all kinds of tough questions on legislation.

As one of the posters in the Globe said: "Iggy doesn't sweat the small stuff. He looks 50 years into the future".

Anonymous said...

Somebody should remind Apps of the wafergate story. The Conservatives have been subjected to this kind of journalism for four years now. Apps apparently doesn't like it when the shoe is on the other foot. The Libs have been spinning stories about the Conservatives for years now and the media has bought them hook, line and sinker. Apps has nothing to complain about. In fact I suspect more negative stories will come out because of his complaint. He has done Ignatieff no favours here.

hunter said...

After reading the whole thing, it confirms that the Liberal elites are truly in LALA land.

Ardvark said...

The Liberals want to blame the Tories for their problems with the MSM rather than their unelected, flip-flopping, just visiting, political amateur, aloof leader AND those INSIDE the Liberal Party that want him gone.

This isn't the CPC doing this. They don't have that kind of pull with the the likes of Travers and the Star as a recent example.

Blaming others is not helping their cause.

Powell lucas said...

Iggy doesn't sweat the small stuff. Neither did Kim Campbell.

CanadianSense said...

It is interesting this letter would rely on EKOS for most of its analysis.

It is comical it label the negative headlines as being manufactured by opponents.

Clearly the interal leaks and dissension in the ranks being reported by the Liberal friendly media pundits has nothing to do with the analysis.

If we examine the majority of mistakes, policy flip flops since being handed power in December 2008Alps forget to include the Crying Wolf Syndrome.

Ignatieff has repeatedly backed down after repeatedly threatening to force an election. In Jan 2009 he did NOT discount the coalition. In May 2009 he admitted it was a three legged stool.
Since the fake convention, no substantive policy or adult conversation from the Liberals in parliament.
We had them demand we use taxpayers money to give African women abortions, investigate Mulroney again, months on Raitt-Jaffer. Liberals spent months attacking the actions of our military and referring the turn over of prisoners as war crimes.

CanadianSense said...

The Liberal media ignored the background of the organizers of the perogi protests and the traditional groups lending support. PSAC, CUPE brought out their members?

Ignatieff had his vacation in France interrupted by the decision of the GG to allow the 28 sitting days to be added after the Olympics. His war room was so clueless they attacked Harper who was in Ottawa at work with Harper Just Vacationing stunt.

The majority of screw up have been self-inflicted, the Liberal war room have blew their credibility by chasing every small issue or fake scandal.

The Liberal media has demostrated their bias in joining the fake outrage on so many small issues.

Jen said...

And not only that CS, paul martin appointed Ignatieff instead of HIM being elected by his peers like Dion was. So, paul martin hired Ignatieff therefore he has to fire Ignatieff.
But Ignatieff is not going to allow this to happen why, because he doesn't take orders from a party that stole and refused to return the money plus the media surrounding them are a bunch of nitwit and he who said one day "I admire the way stephen harper handles the media" which he Ignatieff takes great pleasure of doing now why, he is a liberal and liberals treat the media like asses as if they media,, have no brains.

The LPOC was never for canada or canadians or military, they were and still are for LPOL FOR LIBERALS.

Enkidu said...

The author of this tripe has drank deeply of the koolaid. I hope he has a very large influence on Fiberal Farty thinking and planning, that would be very good news for conservatives, for Conservatives, and for Canada.

PLEASE, Gliberals, keep on thinking that you are doing everything just right and that all you need to do to win is get the stupid voter to recognize your inherent superiority.