Friday, May 23, 2008

Just a normal day in Dion Land.

It just keeps getting worse for troubled Liberal leader Stephane Dion. First this poll comes out showing that Dion is about as popular ants at a picnic, then more knives come out calling for his replacement as leader. Wow!

The left side of the blogosphere is full of comment on Dion's carbon tax along with the political ramifications of running with this type of policy, and some of it isn't pretty. Take this example between Kinsella and Cherniak. Both are at odds with each other over Dion's tax and it has gotten even more bizarre with each new post. To quickly bring you up to speed; Kinsella posted his opinion on Dion's tax. Cherniak, being the ever true Dion supporter that he is, posted his response by saying Kinsella is biased because of his client list. Kinsella rips into Jason for his post, with a little bit of libel thrown in for good measure, and Cherniak responds by playing the race card.

I somehow doubt that this little battle is ending there, so stay tuned as this is sure to be very entertaining to follow and well worth the price of admission.


gimbol said...

Whats going to be truly devistating for the liberals over this new tax is that the longer they refuse to define what it is the more obvious it will be that they want to reinstate the NEP.
First they are saying "revenue neutral" what it means is moving gas taxes from from where they are restricted to transportation and moving them to general revenue where liberals can act like its their own private slush fund.
Next comes the talk of "tax shifting" which means they will cut transfers to the provinces while increasing the payments into equalization by the energy producing provinces, the exception of course will be that this only applies to oil and gas producing provinces.
What comes next? The words "tax floor". What does it mean? By falsly inflating the cost of oil in Canada they will recreate Trudeau's NEP.

Ardvark said...

The market is doing what any Liberal policy or tax could ever do; decrease our energy use and everything that subsequently follows.