Friday, May 16, 2008

Elizabeth May: Destroying the Green Party for her friend Dion

From the sounds of this, Elizabeth May looks to be well on her way to destroying the Green Party of Canada from within.

“Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party of Canada, says she’s ready to contemplate a strategic debate with the three opposition parties in Ottawa to work out new forms of electoral co-operation to block the re-election of Stephen Harper’s party.

“She would even be ready to imagine a strategy which is being discussed by some environmental groups, which would consist of calling in every region on people who are aware of the environmental stakes to put aside their party preference at the next election to support, in each riding, the candidate likeliest to beat the Conservative if the latter has the slightest chance of winning power.

“…She wouldn’t hesitate to make strategic alliances with the Bloc Québécois, as she admires the rigorous work of several of their MPs, even though she does not share their vision of Canada’s future.

Elizabeth, I have a question for you. In how many ridings in Canada would the Green Party candidate be "the likeliest to beat the Conservative" candidate? Since Ms. May is unlikely to respond and answer my questions, lets try to put a realistic number to the above.

For the sake of argument lets use 50? You can look at the results from the last election and see how many Greens finished in the runner up spot yourself, but I think I am being REAL generous by using this figure.

So based on her comments above, now what?

By May's own proposal it appears that over 250 candidates, their EDA's, and the various workers and supporters (you know, the grass roots) would be forced to put aside their efforts and countless hours of work they have dedicated toward THEIR candidates and party to vote for someone else. And judging by her bizarre alliance with Dion, it is safe to say that she wants her party to vote Liberal.

Not having respect for your own party and it's supporters, and folding before the hand is even dealt. What a way to invigorate those Green Party supporters Liz, your leadership ability astounds.


wilson said...

And the price for dion and the liberals?
1. carbon tax
2. ??

Anonymous said...

To fill out Wilson's list:

Proportional representation

Anonymous said...

It used to be that the goal, or purpose, of political parties was to try to get elected and form government? Has this changed?

How can someone be called leader of a political party when they are actively advocating for the election another party?

Ardvark said...

Anon 2, there is a word for actions like that. I believe it is called traitor.