Monday, May 12, 2008

It made me want to send in 20 bucks*

I just finished watching this clip of Stephane Dion trying to raise funds for the LPC.

What a performance! If I was a Liberal supporter I would be worried about the next election.
Very worried.


* to the Conservative Party of Canada that is.


Kai Wolf said...

Its easy to notice all the hesitant, strained laughter in response to Dion's lame jokes as people try to decipher and catch up with what he is saying.

Thank goodness the Liberals won't be winning the next election and that this milquetoast won't be the next PM.

Anonymous said...

how do I get back the 5 minutes I just wasted watching that?

Steve Sorge said...

Stephane Dion is pretty much the diametric opposite of Barack Obama when it comes to giving speeches.
There was no emotion in Dion's speech. There is no viable little soundbite. There is nothing resonant to grasp on to.

This speech by Dion reminds me of the speech given by the head of the AMPAS during the Oscars telecast - you listen to it. You don't really care about what is being said. What is being said really has no significance in the big scheme of things. The person speaking is the known head of the organization, but is given the respect of a much lesser person. You clap when you think you should clap, not when you want to clap or are giving reason to clap. You think about whether you left the oven on when he's speaking.

Dion has to improve greatly or he'll just lose potential voters - people will just mock him or zone out.

Ardvark said...

The guy is a dud. If he couldn't even get the crowd of 15-20 partisan supporters to show any life; how is he going to get an entire country to support him?

Anon, I think Dion has some kind of 'time neutral' scheme going which is similar to his revenue neutral carbon tax. Those 5 minutes will be returned to you, just trust him.

jad said...

Anon 8.29, I don't know what you're talking about. That was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Just replay Dion trying to say "generosity".

I do love the new slogan "The key to a more prosperous Canada is a more prosperous Liberal Party". Right on, let's all be entitled to our entitlements.

A couple of more serious points : if the Conservatives biggest fund-raising success came when they criticised the CBC, maybe that should tell you something. Like, Canadians prefer to give money to stop the CBC rather than increase its power.

And no politician in his right mind sits down in front of a computer with the cameras rolling and let's someone obviously explain to him how to use the thing.

Anonymous said...

Dion is doomed when an election comes. It is going to be ugly.