Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Top 10 things I like about Saskatchewan.

With apologies to David Lettermen

10. It is flat: None of those pesky hills to obscure your vision or slow down your driving.

9. The Name: Saskatchewan just sounds cool, and as a bonus you can always tell a non Canadian by their pronunciation of Saskatchewan. Try it out on an American near you!

8. Rider Pride: The Roughriders have the most loyal fans in the country for any sport, even though the teams record has been less than steller for years.

7. The People: In general I have found people from Saskatchewan to be honest and friendly; something lacking in most urban Canadian centres but still found in abundance in Saskatchewan.

6.No Time changes: Sure the extra hour of sleep is nice, but is it worth it when you lose that hour six months later?

5.Saskatoon Berries: One of natures more delicious offerings. Mmmmm Saskatoon berry pie........

4.Sunny Days: Saskatchewan has the most sunshine hours per year in Canada, with Estevan averaging 2,540 sunshine-filled hours each year

3.Rye fields everywhere!! Kind of self explanitory if you partake in Canada's namesake whisky.

2. Small Dead Animals: Not the furry kind, the Blog. Kate McMillan has created one of the few 'must reads'in the Canadian Blogosphere.

And the number one reason I like Saskatchewan is: Because they are next to the greatest province in the country, Alberta.

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