Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just get used to it and move on.

The cartoon controversy continues and has moved into Canada. While it was a calm and peaceful demonstration, some of the comments by those protesting show that they just don't get it. The right to free speech cannot and will not be compromised because you are offended, deal with it and move on.

As usual the protesters were not the only ones who do not understand the issue.

According to the CTV report:

Randi Warne, a religious studies professor at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, said non-Muslims should try to empathize with the outrage Muslims feel.
"I think we should ask ourselves how people would feel in the West if pictures of Jesus were being drawn this way, committing heinous acts or in compromising positions," she told CTV Atlantic.
"I'm quite sure that there would be outrage all around the world."

This is so ridiculous I have to wonder how she is capable of finding her way to work in the morning without getting lost. For a person whose job it is to teach religious studies to not be aware of the countless examples of Jesus being the target of various forms of attacks, boggles the mind. From the NEA funded 'Piss Christ' to the current edition of Rolling Stone this stuff is everywhere and only if you have been living in a closet would you have not seen these or other examples. If I was a student at MSVU in the religious studies program I might be seeking my money back if Randi Warne is an example of the great thinkers that teach there.

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