Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ralph Bucks

It is good to be an Albertan, even more so this week as the $400 Prosperity Bonus cheques arrived.

There have been a few innovative ideas from retailers as to how they would like us to spend our little windfall.

Sears has offered to give you $440 dollars on a gift card if you cash your cheque with them. < href="">Fairmont Hotels, the hotel chain just purchased by a Saudi Prince, is offering a "Thanks,Ralph!" getaway package to one of it's five Alberta Hotels. < href="">The Brick, is offering to double your $400 as long as you spend $2000 in their store on certain items. < href="">Ralph Klein look-alike busily signing away as the sales pitch goes out. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I saw this commercial last night, it won't get me to their store but I did enjoy the laugh.

I am curious to see how much of the 1.4 billion makes its way back into the economy. I hope that some government agency is keeping tabs on the inevitable spike in retail sales, as it would be interesting to see the economic effects of the cash infusion in action.

My cheque did not go into an immediate purchase as it went into general revenue as dictated by the Minister of Finance, or as I like to call her, my wife. Maybe next year?

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