Saturday, January 21, 2006

Under a big tent

The biggest news from the campaign trail today has been the Liberals last attempt at fear mongering to gain votes by dropping the big A (abortion). You all know the debate that has ensued and most of you also know that this debate and voter confusion was the intent of the Liberals, so much so that they gave it a cute code name, the "A Bomb".

This is the proverbial red herring in the extreme, as no party, or dare I say individual, has the monopoly on the 'correct' side of this issue.

As a challenge to all of you, I ask that you first define your own thoughts on abortion and then try to play Prime Minister and write the outlines of a law on abortion. This is step 1.

Step 2 consists of now going out and finding 10 people who would not only agree with your law but would have written the exact same law outline after completing step 1. If this sounds easy I think you are very mistaken unless your view is solidly on the far side of the abortion spectrum and have a very close circle of friends that you are sure you know their true opinions. I doubt I could find 10 people who totally agree with my opinion on the subject within the BT, never mind the general population as this is not a black and white issue for 90% of the population and the gray areas vary greatly between this 90%.

From no abortions for ANY reason to total access to abortion up to 40 weeks, it is the large range in between these extremes that most people will fall. I am not trying to turn this into a which side is correct debate, but rather that this issue is so complicated that it is total idiocy to believe that any political party and all of its supporters will think the same way on the subject.

The CPC party has members whose opinions cover the entire spectrum of the abortion issue and contrary to what the Liberals are trying to portray, they do as well. The Liberals know this, and it goes beyond hypocrisy to state otherwise and shows their true character when they use it for political gain.

This red herring is but another attempt at dividing the country and its people by the self proclaimed national unity defender Paul Martin, and I for one am truly disgusted at the attempt.


An inclusive party does have members of varied opinions within their tent; either that or they have a very tiny tent.

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