Thursday, January 26, 2006

The real truth behind the GST cut to 5% and other recent thoughts.

The reason for the proposed GST cut to 5% has been revealed: It is being initiated so that the intellects of the GTA can figure out how much money to add for tax without using a calculator.

Who in their right mind would want to take over a Liberal Party that is carrying such a high debt load?

I do not know what it costs to run a federal campaign, but I think that this debt would have increased significantly with the last campaign as well as having to pay back the people of Canada for that little Adscam thing.

On the same subject, I wonder if my conservative friends would hold it against me if I started a "Draft Belinda" movement?

The safest riding in Canada turned out to be in the Alberta riding of Crowfoot as Kevin Sorenson won by a margin of over 39,000 votes and recieved 75% of the popular vote.

Monte Solberg came a close second with over 71% support in his riding of Medicine Hat.

A CF-18 flew over the house this morning, I wonder if it was a sign of soldiers in our cities or just one of Laurie Hawn's buds giving a salute?

I was really beginning to wonder about the state of education in this country as I saw/read so many interviews or opinion pieces with clueless universtity students who spewed the familiar anti-conservative Liberal rhetoric without having used their OWN brains to check the facts.

I agree with many who have said that Paul Martin jr was more interested in becoming Prime Minister then he was in being Prime Minister.

Contrary to some predictions, the sun did indeed come up on January 24th and in my opinion it looked a little bit brighter than it has for a last 13 years.

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