Sunday, January 22, 2006

Liberal Insiders Concede Defeat

From the Ottawa Sun: an article from Stephanie Rubec

This part made me smile a bit:

" The aide said there's a silver lining to defeat, pointing out that a small minority would make Harper vulnerable to defeat on his first budget vote and see a likely comeback by the Liberals."

This may be what the Liberals are trying to convince themselves might be the future of a CPC minority, but I do not see this scenerio in the cards for a few reasons.

First off, the general public would be very pissed off if we were forced to have yet another election, and even more so if it appeared that it was called only for political gain.

Secondly, the Liberal party is going to be no mood for a quick election after the spanking (hopefully) that they get on Monday. I am of the opinion that it will not be the NDP or even the Bloc that would keep a conservative minority going, but the Liberals buying time as they attempt to rebuild their party. One could hope that PM stays on as leader, but the knives are already out and I don't think he has the stomach for it nor the credibility within his own party to pull this off. I guess just wishfull thinking on my part.

And lastly, I honestly do believe that their are more scandals to find once the conservatives gain power and access the napkins err I mean books. If anything is indeed found, the Liberals will need lots of time in 'the repair shop'. < I love that line even if it did come from Mad Jack.

I might add a number 4 later, but that is my little hidden aganda.

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