Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ralph Klein 1942-2013

I have been searching for the right words to write to express what the Klein family and Alberta lost yesterday with the passing of Ralph Klein and almost a full day later I still can't come up with anything truly worthy of the man and his legacy. So instead I will link to some of the many wonderful articles written about the man who wanted only to be called Ralph and say thank you for all that he did for this province and say a big thank you to his wife Colleen and the Klein family for sharing him with us. You were one of a kind Ralph and you will be missed.

Gunter: We lost a great Albertan.

The Globe and Mail: Canadians remember Ralph Klein as tributes pour in.

Sun: Ralph Klein was one of us.

Corbella: Just call him Ralph, the peoples premier.

Thompson: Impossible not to like Ralph Klein.

Calgary Herald: We loved him.

Stockwell Day: Ralph Klein was genuine, kept his word.

Calgary Sun: Remembering Ralph

Colby Cosh: The deceptive shape of a shadow.

and a couple that pay tribute to the man and note just how far off track Alberta has gone since Ralph retired in 2006. 

Flanagan: Deficit and debt fighters of today should learn from Ralph Klein.

Braid: Klein's debt fighting legacy at risk.


Rest in peace Ralph, Alberta missed you even before you were gone.


Anonymous said...

You are trying to celebrate a Liberal who created the largest civil service in the country.
Ralph Klein was a fraud and even after history has shown you this you still stick to the fraud of the Conservative Ralph Klein.
No wonder this country is a mess when tax and spend Liberals get treated like Conservative idealists.
Good Grief live in the real world.

Blame Crash said...

Yes dsar, Ralph Klein was not what one would call an ideal conservative, but he was a lot better of a choice than the alternatives.
One doesn't have to look any further than these crooks and shysters we have now, who like nothing better than to diss Ralph every chance they can get.

Anonymous said...

Ralph was booted out of office by his own party. He was too liberal.

Anonymous said...

Live in Calgary AB. I was very sad when I heard our Ralph died. He was a wonderful mayor, an awesome premier. We were lucky to have him. God Bless you Ralph, We Will Miss You!

Ardvark said...

Actually dsaar I was celebrating the amazing life and career of the man we called Ralph upon hearing of his passing. Some of us in the real world do that and can leave the politics of it all to a later time.

Thanks for dropping by.