Friday, March 01, 2013

Politicizing Flanagan.The Alberta Edition.

One would expect that the Liberals and the usual crowd of Harper haters would try to politicize Professor Flanagan's comments on child porn for partisan reasons but would you expect so called conservatives to do the same?

Well welcome to Alberta where some conservatives in the PC party have done exactly that and it is making them look silly in the process.

First up Justice Minister Jonathan Denis who on the Rutherford Show today, or as the Alberta Government likes to refer to it; "Wildrose radio", had this to say:  

"Interesting comments from the Wildrose today, hey". ( Note how Denis changes the topic and instigates the smear) I also think the Wildrose has some explaining to do because you know, if you go back, he has been publicly described as a mentor, trusted confident, tenured close personal friend, guided Miss Smith's entire political career ( reading from talking points or just a great memory for old quotes?); I think this goes to more of the core of the party than she would let on."  

There is no way to call this other than what it is; a blatant and calculated attempt to smear an entire political party because of its association to an individual. An utterly ridiculous assertion  made even more pathetic because it was made by someone who also has an association with the same individual. Yes it is true, the same person that Denis used for his smear attempt is the same one with which he coauthored an op-ed piece in the Ottawa Citizen withHypocrisy thy name is Jonathan Denis

Since we are on the topic of campaign managers Susan Elliot, the PC campaign chair in the last election and who has a previous history of attacking conservatives, decided to also get into the act by tweeting this smear nonsense:

"Did Danielle know before the 2012 election when she hired Flanagan? 2009 story: #ableg #pcaa #abpoli"
Yes, because everyone knew about Flanagan's 2009 comments before today, which is why we heard the PCs use them against the WRP during the election. Oh wait, we didn't see the PC's use those comments did we. (and you know we would have had they in fact known about them) So in other words Elliot is 'upset' that the WRP didn't know about comments that neither the PC party, their operatives or her had any idea had existed before today. Seems logical to me. Not.    More like just another example of how the PC's will say and do anything to stay in power.

There of course were others as well. My friend Stefan Baranski had to get his smear attempts in and the ableg Twitter feed was awash sock puppet accounts with 2-10 followers as well as some of the usual WRP haters who were busy smearing away. Including a certain attention seeking one who gave a textbook example of smear (and possibly libel), blamed someone else, was proven wrong, played the hurt bunny routine rather than admit she was wrong, and even though she claims to be against hate, bullying, lowering the political discourse etc etc went straight into the gutter   (you know, all the stuff she claims to be against) in an attempt to smear someone else. As the kids say on the Twitter it was an #epicfail.

Typical and expected from this crowd of haters but from conservatives who will be crying next week about how the Wildrose are bottom feeders and are lowering the political discourse in Alberta, not so much. 

But that is now how 'conservatives' in Redford's PC party like to operate.


Anonymous said...

What pisses me off the most about the whole adventure is the blatant anti-WRP/pro-pcaa bias being displayed by the media.

Anonymous said...

Flanagan said no one was hurt by child porn. He's disgusting.

The media response reminds me of the Gomery inquiry where the action of 3 dirt bags tainted all Liberals everywhere.

It's what te media does. They stigmatize everyone based on 1 or 2.

Anonymous said...

Controversial comments in the last election caused Wildrose to grab defeat from the jaws of victory so it didn't take Wildrose long to cut all ties to Flanagan.

The CBC should do the same or maybe they're more like the BBC.

Flanagan appears to have made similar comments in 2009 so his apology is more of a sorry I got caught comment.

The words reported out of Flanagan's mouth are hardly the fault of the media that reported them and trying to blame the media for some perceived bias, even if true, cannot obscure the fact that Flanagan did make ill-advised and / or false comments. Child pornography is not a victimless crime.

Ardvark said...

Hello Anon.

It is easy to see why the wildrose did what it did but the blog post was about how the PCs and their minions politicized it.

The CBC turfed him.

Yes I am aware. It is linked in the post I wrote but I don't think you read it because at no point did I blame the media, talk media 'bias'.

And you are correct. Child porn is not a victimless crime but most crimes are sort of like that no?