Sunday, October 28, 2012

Glen McGregor takes cheap shot at Ed Fast. Fails miserably.

Glen McGregor's tweet from this morning:

Isn't it still a bit early for poppies, Ed Fast? Not even Hallowe'en. Cue: "I make no apologies for...."

Here is what The Royal Canadian Legion has to say on the matter:

Here is a link to a few pictures from the Alberta Legislature taken this past Friday of people who obviously are not as smart as our pal Glen.

You get the point. The evidence is clear.

Too bad McGregor didn't.

Excerpts from some of McGregor's follow up tweets.

@Albertaardvark Your Google search shows poppies are on sale. So are Christmas ornaments. What's your point? 

@mooseandskwerl @albertaardvark I would have raised the same q if it was an MP from any other party. Nice try. 

@Albertaardvark @mooseandskwerl Fast is the first person I've seen wearing a poppy. If I'd see Mulcair or Trudeau first, I'd have Tw'd that

And for the win!>>  @Albertaardvark @mooseandskwerl You are really a relentless troll, aren't you? Go for walk. Get some fresh air

Check out McGregor's twitter feed for the entire conversation.

UPDATE: Alberta Ardvark, along with the lovely and talented Natasha aka mooseandskwerl, get results!   

McGregor apologizes: .@Albertaardvark Before Nov. seems too early to me, but, you're right. I shouldn't have suggested Fast was premature. Apologies, minister.

 BC Blue and CAW Worker's Voice of Reason offer their thoughts


Anonymous said...

Hnotice when caught being STUPID the person goes to a personal experience "my Grandfather was in the war"
this statement only further tells me Glen McGregor you of all people should respect the meaning of the poppy to all Canadians and the reason we are proud to wear a poppy

Ardvark said...

He won't admit he was wrong and he certainly won't admit that it was a cheap shot against Ed Fast.

paulsstuff said...

I'm going to do a similar blog post, with my own cheap shot at McGregor, who apparently missed all those NDP, Liberal, and Cnservative MP's wearing poppies on Friday.

dmorris said...

And this guy writes columns we're supposed to take seriously!

What a complete idiot!

Do YOU intend to wear a poppy Mr.McGregor,and DO you have any idea what it represents?

Probably not.

Thucydides said...

All service members startd wearing poppies then as well. This guy should get out more often and actually see the world. He might learn something.

Ardvark said...

Updated with McGregor's apology tweet.

It took him awhile and it would have been easier not to have taken the shot in the first place, he does the right thing.

Archie said...

Yes he did the right thing, but he dug himself a hole before he did. I would be willing to bet he got a call from his editor or another boss and received a ear full. If anything I would be demanding apology to all the veterans. Referring to wearing the poppy as some sort of costume for Halloween would be a insult to everything the Poppy stands for.

TangoJuliette said...

I'm a vet. I Usually wear my "I support our troops" ball-cap. The cap is available through the R.C. Legion. It bear the Legion Logo. This logo has a poppy worked into it. Ergo, I wear a poppy most every day.

In retrospect, I do believe that I'd be more than proud to provide to Mr. G McG, free of charge, a colonoscopy, using his head as the probe.

Huh? Wuzzat you say?

He already walks around like that all the time?

Drat!! Seems that someone has beat be to the punch. One of the drawbacks of being old is moving too slow, I reckon . . .

until that time ~

t.e.& o.e.


Anonymous said...

It's not fair when a Liberal bring his knife to the gunfight.

Thanks for the smackdown of another self absorbed scribe that tilts left.

Jen said...

In case you want to know what actually was said at the Alberta Legislature between parties on donations, read this in full: