Thursday, October 18, 2012

Former Liberal MP Joe Fontana caught being a Liberal?

From QMI

"LONDON, ON — A federal government cheque for $1,700 was used to pay the deposit for the 2005 wedding reception of one of London Mayor Joe Fontana’s sons when he was an MP and federal cabinet minister.

The former general manager of the Marconi Club has told QMI Agency that several months later, another cheque issued by Public Works Canada in the amount of $18,900 arrived to pay the balance owing on Fontana’s account."

Some things never change.


Alain said...

Reality calling O'Malley. Are you there O'Malley?

Joseph said...

Remember who was min of PWGS then? Scott Brison.
The dollar amounts and the time are notable as there where assurances from the govenment of the day that after Adscam they had taken steps to ensure there would not be any more instances of abuse of the public purse.
If the fire wall was that any expenses over say 20k needed a senior admin to sign off, then somebody with that knowledge would have escaped scrutiny.
Right now this involves two ministries, an ex min, and the Marconi Club.