Friday, August 03, 2012

The Redford government and Merali: Incompetence in action.

Health Minister Fred Horne says that the Redford government did not know about Merali's Ontario e-health issues before hiring him to be in charge of all of Alberta's money as controller, Finance Minister Doug Horner says that they were aware, and Premier Redford seems unaware that her government even hired him! 

Not exactly confidence inspiring is it.  And just think, only 4 more years to go before the next election.

It should be noted that Alberta Health Services was aware of the Ontario e-health issues ( but it oddly enough not his previous AHS expense account shenanigans) when they hired him to be their CFO but did not care because they believed that this time it would be different.  That sounds a lot like many people who voted PC in the last election and as with AHS, also wrong.


fernstalbert said...

I voted for Wildrose - not for more of the same. Surprise, Surprise - its deja vu all over again. Cheers.

Candace said...

I wish we had "Recall" options in Alberta. I can't believe we have to put up with this crap for four more years.

Ardvark said...

I said it some time ago but I really should invest in "Don't blame me I voted Wildrose" bumper stickers.

newcenturion said...


I'll be the first to buy one

Anonymous said...

Apparently this incompetent freeloader did not break any AHC or government spending rules therefore the entire fiasco devolves on the government. Did Horner not know that the rules allowed for this kind of taxpayer rip-off or was he too busy gladhanding and crowing about how wonderful Alberta's Health Care System is functioning? If he did know about it, why hasn't he taken steps to come down hard on these rules. And don't tell me that the government must allow these assine expenses if they want to hire and retain quality people. Obviously it is not quality people who are taking advantage of the highway robbery been perpetrated against the taxpayers of the province. Personally, I'd give them a flat $500.00 a day plus airfare when traveling outside the province and a flat $50.00 a day when inside it.

Ardvark said...

That is the funny thing here, the expenses were allowed because Weatherill signed off on them and when the boss signs off it must mean that they were okay. Twisted circular logic but that is how it work(ed)(s).

Redford's comments should come as a shock to all AHS employees because according to her the gov't can step in and fire anyone they choose, even if they were following the 'rules'. Scary thought.