Friday, August 31, 2012

Dumbfounded! Allaudin Merali donates to both Fred Horne and Doug Horner campaigns.

Call me dumbfounded.

Not because of the possible 3 billion dollar deficit announcement today from Finance Minister Doug Horner, because anyone who was not a fanatical PC supporter knew it was coming, or even the news that Horner might have actually broken the law with his slim on the details financial update, or that Redford's team managed to lose money on the 16 billion dollar Heritage Trust Fund (PDF)  No, it is not any of those things that have me dumbfounded  it's the revelation that Allaudin Merali donated $500 to the campaigns of Health Minister Fred Horne and Finance Minister Doug Horner respectively.

I am dumbfounded because I just don't know how to write about it without it sounding like some work of fiction about a corrupt government in some third world country, even though it is all true and it is happening today in Redford's Alberta. So instead of writing a missive on the subject I will just list a few pertinent facts and ask a couple of questions.

According to Elections Alberta documents Allaudin Merali, known for the AHS expense account scandal where nearly $350,000 in expense claims were charged to Alberta taxpayers, including extravagant meals, alcohol, opera tickets, repairs to his Mercedes Benz and butler services, and the Ontario E-Health scandal where he was paid $57,000 for 21 days of work and charges expenses worth $76,000 a month, including $21,000 for 31 flights between Toronto and Edmonton, donated $500 to the campaigns of both Fred Horne and Doug Horner.

Fred Horne is Health Minister and responsible for AHS, who hired Merali to be their CFO in spite of the expense account issue that they claim they did not know about even though Sheila Weatherill, the one who personally signed off on those expenses, was sitting on the AHS superboard when the decision to hire him was made. Horne said at the time "With respect to hiring practices, I'm as much dumbfounded by this as anyone else,". It was also revealed that Merali had claimed a $220 lunch with Fred Horne before he was elected but Horne claims to have no recollection of that lunch, what it was about or who may have been there.  Fred Horne also claimed that he was unaware of the E-Health dealings.

Doug Horner is Finance Minister and would have been Merali's boss had he accepted the job controller, being approved by Redford's cabinet which of course includes both Horner and Fred Horne, instead of taking the CFO job with AHS. Horner also defended the governmentt hiring of Merali as controller and said that Redford's cabinet were fully aware of the E-Health issues.

So why did Fred Horne say he did not know about the E-Health issues when Doug Horner said that cabinet, including Horne, was aware?

Fred Horne could not remember his $220 lunch with Merali, but does he remember the $500 donation made to his campaign.

It appears that Horne had some dealings with Merali in the past, as their lunch clearly shows, but what about Horner? Was/is there some kind of relationship we are not yet aware of, and if not why would Merali choose to make a donation to Horner's campaign?


Robert G. Harvie said...
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Robert G. Harvie said...

It stinks. This is, without doubt, the worst government I have seen during my lifetime in this Province.

Inept. Dishonest. Opaque.


And re the budget.. I seem to recall blogging back in February 2012:

"... I'm betting that sometime in the next 12 months, Redford will be conceding that revenue has not met expectations."

Call me a psychic.

Joe Albertan said...

This is the very corruption both you and I have been talking about for a long time.

What just took place in the past election was one of the biggest frauds ever pulled off within the borders of Canada. Of course the connection is there, of course they've been handing money over to their friends.

Proof of a con job is the situation in Livingston MacLeod where they have rehired (illegally) Evan Berger to workj in the same ministery he was fired from by the tax payers. They have installed an MLA in the place of the legitimately elected MLA Pat Stier.

We're in real trouble with this bunch, it's even worse than the last bunch. That's what's truly scarey.