Monday, August 15, 2011

I wonder if Heather Mallick's employers have apologies pre-printed when they hire her.

Because it seems that they do have to make a few of them.

The latest comes from Mallick's latest employer, The Toronto Star:

"A column by Heather Mallick on July 28 contained a number of inaccurate statements about the well-known British journalist and author Melanie Phillips.

Ms. Phillips has expressed her horror at the slaughter at Utoya, Norway in a clear and unambiguous way, writing “there can be no excuse, justification or rationale whatsoever for the atrocity perpetrated by Anders Behring Breivik.”

The column made reference to Ms. Phillips’ writings in an entirely misleading and inappropriate manner.

The defamatory article has been removed from our website.

The Star and Ms. Mallick regret the errors and
apologize to Ms. Phillips."

And here is a report from the CBC Ombudsman on a column Mallick wrote while she was an employee of the CBC. That too has been removed from the CBC website but is available to read here. Notice a trend?

HT to Blazing Cat Fur who has a screenshot of the text of the now deleted Star column which can be seen here


Alberta Girl said...

And people of Mallick's ilk call those on the right "bigoted".

They should try looking in the mirror.

Ardvark said...

She is quite the piece of work.

Related: Heather Mallick, proud to hate Canada.

Anonymous said...

NAC still won't go near the truth that the 1989 murderer of 14 female students was driven by islam and Shariah law that finds it to offend Allah when females go to school and take jobs from Muslim men that are to run the household.
Gamil Ghrabi was on a Jihad because he shot himself to be with Allah, most mass murderers want fame from the 6:00pm news and then cred in the big house. Jihadists that slaughter civilians are failures if they live ...and THAT'S why Omar Khadr is so mad and fears leaving GITMO just as one of the Toronto-18 now refuses early paroll and wants to stay where he is safe from the Islamic Supremacy thugs in canada.
The CBC still thinks that maher Arar was tortured in Syria when he told the CBC in 2003 that it was JORDAN when he was kidnapped for 14 days and then returned to his homeland as a draft-dodger to satnd tril in a Military Court. Maher's wife used the tactic from the Al-Qaeda manual to run to the Media and allege Torture and alleged he was framed by the USA or the Jews. Arar knows his lied and now we see that CAIR's Sheema Khan was at CAIR when they funded a bogus Charity funneling money to hamas and hizballah. But the CBC will NOT bring back Khan to ask about her aiding and abetting Arar's $400'000'000.00 lawsuit in canada for what JORDAN did.

The CBC also just had another 9/11 update special where they still think Chretien and Bush used NORAD to slaughter 3000 civilains to invade iraq and keep Oil at $25.00 a barrel. So much for Linda McQuads predictions of $25.00 Oil .

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the title of the apology? "Melanie Phillips Apology".