Saturday, August 27, 2011

Google ad-sense gone awry.

Another case of Google ad-sense gone awry. Found this the other day over at Moose and Squirrel.


The_Iceman said...

During the election campaign the Liberal Party bought advertising on my site through Adsense. I earned a whole 50 cents courtesy of the LPC. The CBC also bought ads on my site for their Election Compass. That got many more clicks and earned me $15 in revenue. I almost feel like I should return that money to tax payers...

Ardvark said...

Breaking: Blogging Tory admits he is "State Funded."

Refuses my access to information request on grounds it may jeopardize his journalistic, creative or blogging activities.

The silence speaks volumes people!

The_Iceman said...

It isn't breaking news. I joked about it at the time when the CBC Vote Compass ad showed up on my site.

Anonymous said...


There's just way to much icing on YOUR cake iceman.
We're gonna have to boycott you 'till you share your ill gotten loot.
Do you think that a donation to the Broadbent Institute is in order?...LOL!


Ardvark said...

Lol. I expect Sun TV to be showing up at your house to expose the ugly truth about your state funding and your ties to the vote compass. Maybe Ezra will take off his shirt again.