Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Alison Redford's alternate reality on the High River gun grab should concern us all.

Undisputed Facts: The RCMP forced their way into locked homes in High River Alberta during the recent  flood causing various amounts of property damage to those homes in the process. According to the RCMP themselves: "there were about 1,900 reports of damage caused by entry during the flood."

But in-spite of these well documented and undisputed facts, Premier Alison Redford has come out with an alternate reality from what did happen in High River, and is claiming that she was unaware of any property damage that was caused by the RCMP forcing entry into hundreds(?) of locked homes.

Alison Redford: “The leader of the Opposition has to stop sensationalizing these issues. Seizure of guns and destruction of property? So we now have the leader of the Opposition saying that the RCMP destroyed property during what was the worst natural disaster in Alberta’s history?

"I don't buy that. I think it’s about time the Opposition, including the leader of the Opposition, tried to come up with some forward-thinking solutions instead of preying on people’s fears and frustrations, because that’s not how we build Alberta.”

Wow, there is so much here that I don't know where to begin so let me get to the point.

That statement from Alison Redford was nothing other that a pile of Baranski inspired political bullshit! 100% partisan political theater with the added bonus (lucky us) of treating the electorate as idiots by having Premier Redford lie to our faces.

A bit harsh?

Ask yourself these questions:

How is this even possible?  How can it be that the Premier of Alberta is unaware that the RCMP destroyed property, intentional or not, while entering locked dwellings?

It isn't possible. Alison Redford is not incompetent and not an idiot, she is not living in an alternate reality and she has not lost her mind nor was it taken over aliens. She knows.

Is there a single person aside from Premier Redford who believes that no property damage occurred as a direct result of the RCMPs actions in High River?  Anyone?

There are none. Property damage happened and has been well covered and documented. The Premier knows this as well.

So with all of this do you really think the Premier believes this?

She doesn't.

It was a calculated lie wrapped up in a partisan attack on the Wildrose with Redford playing politics with the floods by trying to scare Albertans away from 'team angry' (Wildrose) by saying they are playing politics with the flood and expecting YOU to 'buy it' just because she said it.

This isn't fiction. This isn't an alternate reality. This is how the Premier and the PC party play politics in Alberta. I would say that is is a new low but after you use kids for partisan props and lie to them, there is absolutely nothing that you will not lie about or anyone you won't lie to for partisan gain.
This does concern me and I hope it does you, and to borrow a phrase: this is not how we should be 'building Alberta'.

We deserve better that this.


Ardvark said...

It should be noted this post was not about guns, gun seizures, or the legalities of the seizures

All of these are good topics for discussion, particularly who ordered the seizures, but this post is not the time or place for those discussions.

Pissedoff said...

Lets not forget Red Ali is an ex member of the United Nutters Org. The most corrupt and the biggest bunch of lying idiots outside the Ontario Liberal Party.

Bec said...

What a croc from the Premier! There are many, many people telling their tales to contractors, sub contractors etc and there are many cases where Insurance companies will cover everything BUT the destroyed 'front door' because of who did it and why!

Just listen to the 'folks' Ms Premier. The handling of this location was/is abysmal. There are many sad and frustrated people who will never recover from this and the circumstances of the seizure speaks to the whole mess.

Anonymous said...

Alison Redford is a pathetic, power-grubbing,lying liberal POS.

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I find this very disturbing, the Premier not acknowledging the damage cause by her orders to obtain the guns from locked homes. Makes a person wonder why lock the door when you leave?
Ms Smith is right to address this,though she just lost me with her trying to get decriminalized pot possession. What is wrong with our elected leaders?

Anonymous said...

Redford is a liar. - Simple as that.

As far as the Repugnant, Corrupt, Megolomaniac Police?

High River should turf them.

Organize the High River Muicipal Police Dept. and let the RCMP members living in High River know that there will be no openings for them in the new police service.

Then we will see who is vacating their homes then.

Anonymous said...

A three word suggestion for the people who have damage: Class Action Suit.

Joe Albertan said...

I stood in front of more than one door that was kicked in first hand. The door jams were busted and locked destroyed, this came complete with boot prints in one case. Was I seeing things or is somebody not telling the truth?