Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Watch as Alberta Health Minister Fred Horne does an epic flip flop on AHS executive bonus pay.

June 2013: Fred Horne fires the entire AHS Board for their refusal not to be arms length from the PC government and do what they are told. (although they did exactly what they were told and did "reconsider its decision to pay executive bonuses." Horne just didn't like their decision.)

March 2013:  “Regardless of how people feel about the decision of the AHS board, I don’t think anybody would want me or a colleague to interfere with the terms of their employment they’ve agreed to. It’s a decision for the AHS board,”

“I don’t have the authority to interfere with someone’s contract of employment.”

“We’ll take the appropriate time as government to look at what they’re planning to do, ask questions and (ask) for clarification,” said Horne.

“It’s important to recognize it’s difficult times, it’s tough choices. When people make those tough choices, we need to be there to support them."

Read the story and watch the video here.


Unknown said...

Seeing a bunch a fat cats lose their bonuses, I have no problem with it and I understand the Wildrose party doesn't either. The Wildrose party does have a problem with the General board itself though. Something has to be done about these bonuses, they already make a good salary and perks.

Anonymous said...

How much will all the severance packages be for these board members?
Taxpayers screwed either way

Archie said...

They were fired, I don't think they should get any.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that the Minister looked into that "severance" thingy, before giving them a whiff 'o grape.

I've called the kinds of "contracts" you refer to as "hire to fire" contracts, where the firing is better than the hiring. Its as if they were hired until they became a reason to be fired and only that. They don't "do" work in the normal sense.

Anonymous said...

They were probably offered what I call "hire to fire" contracts, where the firing is better than the hiring. "we'll hire you until we have to fire you. It's just business".

None of these bureaucrats should be weeping to the press afterwards.