Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Busted: CTV Edits tape of Senator Brazeau.

CTV News has been caught editing an audio clip of Senator Patrick Brazeau that it used for a story on the Jan 31st edition of CTV National news, and it isn't the first time that CTV has been caught selectively editing either.

CTV denies editing the audio: “CTV News was supplied the audio recording in question by Metroland Media Group. CTV News made no alterations to the audio that was provided,”

But in what must be only a 'coincidence' the 1st segment of the Jan 31st CTV National News, which the story appeared in, has been sent down the memory hole and is not available to be viewed. Oddly enough the remaining segments are available.

APTN has both the actual audio and the edited CTV version here. (updated: link went 404 so video was added to protect all involved.)

It is obvious that the CTV version of the audio has been edited as pauses, crowd laughter and almost a complete sentence, "And I'm sorry, I am not a comedian but" is completely missing from the CTV audio.

This is not the first time either: From the archives: CTVGATE: CTV cuts 2 seconds out Ignatieff's answer.

And there is this: CTV News gets caught again.

Good work CTV.

Updated: BC Blue on the edited audio.

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Jen said...

If you look at the tapes between CBC and CTV you would find how much they take to manipulate the public of its contents especially when liberals are concern.

CTV Robert Fife does as he is told like he was told to 'shut up' by Bob Rae. And man, did he shut up and smiled about it.

Robert Fife works for the opposition party liberal and the NDP-no doubt about that. Canada takes a backseat when it comes to the media. IMO, They HATE CANADA but LOVES THE LIBS.