Monday, December 05, 2011

Elizabeth May: Canadian MP and delegate of the Government of Papua New Guinea???

Call me crazy but I am having a real hard time with a sitting Member of Parliament from Canada being named as an official government delegate to ANOTHER country, never mind the fact that this is happening while our Canadian House of Commons is currently sitting.

If there is not some kind of rule against this:

Tweet from Green Party MP Elizabeth May.
Amazing. My request to Papua New Guinea came through. I have full credentials as a government delegate - fm PNG. Strong negotiators 4 Kyoto.

there should be!

Where do her loyalties lie? If she can work for a foreign government on this...


LorneR said...

I suggested she do the honorable thing and resign her seat in the HOC before representing another country. Her reply:

"There is no conflict in being recognized for expertise by another country. Wearing my Officer of Order of Canada proudly."

Anonymous said...


Calgary Junkie said...

I caught a few seconds of her on CPAC last week, trying to justify herself on this. She was babbling something about wanting to network with other Greenies. These enviro-kooks all sound like broken records, it's just too painful to listen to them for very long.

It should be pretty obvious by now to every sane voter that the GPC is not a serious political party. They found a better way to fundraise, that's why they exist as a political party (the generous 75 % rebate of the first $400 donation, etc). The GPC's existence MIGHT make some sense, if we had a system of proportional representation.

But in a FPTP system, they are just a joke, not much more credible than the flying yogis. A serious single-issue party woud merge with the Dippers (and/or Libs), and then advocate their policies WITHIN the bigger party, and thus have SOME chance of getting SOME of their platform into practice.

Anyway, us righties in Canada have it that much easier, with so many incompetent, clueless players of the political game on our left.
Have these bozos learned nothing from watching their hero Obama play the game so well ???

Anonymous said...

to represent PNG she will have to resign her seat and move there. the government should move on this asap.

RJ65 said...

I have a real problem with politicians going abroad to slam Canada - which is what she will do. I appreciate open debate, but it should stay within our borders. Only the Government of Canada, for better or worse, should represent Canada internationally.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth May is quite welcome to represent anyone and anything she wishes.
If she thinks her MP day job takes in Papua New Guinea?
That is a long way from here, perhaps far enough that she will just be a bizzare footnote in BC politics.
Amor De Cosmos comes to mind...briefly.
Weird or What
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth May should resign immediately
she is a disgrace to Canada

Anonymous said...

I think you all fail to understand the nuance of what has happened. The gov against all past presedent in Canada and the U.K. has banned other parties from attending this event in an official capacity. (For a party that believes in tradition they seem to skip the ones they don't like.. Queen good, Parliamentary tradtions bad.)

Like it or not May has well known credentials and international credibility, they actually like her despite the goofy portrayal she has at home. Using this lever she has been given status as an OBSERVER by PNG, not a delegate representing their gov.

Its actually a quite astute run around Harpers restrictions. It won't do her any good but it was a savvy move.

Brad said...

On the bright side she's not driving around drunk like some MPs

paulsstuff said...

Wait a minute. Isn't May in violation of the Nickel Resolution? The one Chretien cited to keep Conrad Black being awarded an honourary title? Papau New Guniea is still part of the Commonwealth.

If May has been given a title by said country should Chretien not be spending countless taxpayer dollars looking for a way to prevent the title being given?

maryT said...

A liberal named Pablo comes to mind re drunk driving as an mp

Anonymous said...

She was given observer status for one event not a hereditary title. This more akin to getting good seats for a U2 show or resevations in a posh restaurant than getting a knighthood.

The Nickel rule is not applicable

Anonymous said...

Anon, who did Lizzy have to blow to get that backstage pass off of Papua New Guinea?

This is not a concert and she is not a groupie. She is a delegate of a foreign government at an international conference which Canada is taking part.

Not cool on the part of May.