Sunday, October 02, 2011

Alison Redford: Alberta's 14th Premier.

Early this morning Alison Redford was elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta and will become Alberta's 14th Premier.

I know that this makes at least a couple of federal Liberal candidates very happy, along with an assortment of other loons, but considering the total number of PC party members who voted yesterday is down by a whopping 66,000 voters from the 2006 second ballot vote, I have to wonder how many longtime rank and file PC members are even happy with the result and the PCAA itself.  The funny thing with 'instamembers' is that once they have voted, they don't stick around to do the work needed (at all levels) for a party to be successful.

Congratulations on your win Alison, but considering the dwindling number of party faithful who voted and the fact that 48 PC MLAs endorsed Gary Mar believing that he was better to lead the party than you were, you do have your work cut out for you. ( But not as much as Raj Sherman, you have more Liberal support than he does.)


maryT said...

It would be interesting to know how many instant pc voters bought memberships at the polls.
They will not vote for her in an election. And how will those 48 MLAs react to being out of the inner circle. Interesting times ahead.
Why did Mar pick ndp orange for his color.

Ardvark said...

I haven't seen it but according to one source Redford said she was replacing everyone in cabinet!

If you thought Stelmach had troubles with caucus you ain't seen nothing yet.

Bec said...

What a gong show this is about to become, the PC membership simply don't get it.

This happened for 2 reasons, imo. She's a woman (to take on Danielle)(whoo hoo, Alberta has it's 1st female Premier, sarc) and she got a bump in the sympathy vote+ second choice from Horner supporters.

I think High River must still be proud of "Joe Who" to endorse this very, very red Tory.
I'm disgusted!

Powell Lucas said...

The election of Ms. Redford should satisfy the yuppie, Lincoln-liberal, upwardly mobile, latte-lapping crowd in Calgary. (You know, the same ones who wouldn't allow a new power generating plant to be built on the city's borders, but want the rest of the province's taxpayers to fund the proposed transmission lines so they can get their electricity from the north.)

MIkhael said...


A political dynasty committing suicide when they have no credible opposition except (basically) themselves.

Bec said...

One of the most telling things that I have read this AM is this line from a CTV analysis.

"Redford ran a risky but ultimately successful campaign by connecting to "hyper-engaged" voters over social media with her own ideas and personality.

It was a strategy similar to the one used by Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, a campaign on which her manager Stephen Carter played a role."

Ummmmmm, Nenshi is so far from Conservative that it's laughable and yet Redford used a major player from that campaign to run hers?

My fear is that the year from hell in Nenshi' new Utopian playground, Calgary will be all it takes for Redford to do the same before she calls an election.
Of the 3, she appeared to be the one that would draw out new title to last the longest.

Frances said...

Have a feeling this was the alternative to a 'none of the above' vote. Mar was too closely tied to the big boys and the old ways such as no-contract payments. Redford did campaign to clean up the system.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, she was the only candidate that would eliminate section 13.

Wayne said...

We are in for some very interesting times in Alberta. Will some of the actual conservatives in the PC party read the writing and retire/switch sides? Can the Wildrose field enough credible candidates to win and election? They should be able to; the left wing vote is about to face a 3-way split.

Jen said...

Klein was a liberal but ran this province like a conservative. Klein to me did more for our province than other premiers.

As mayor of calgary, he was great.
I wonder right now what Ralph is thinking about Alison R.

I heard a piece on the radio that she plans to continue with the public health care-no mention of 'private'

Nevetheless she still has to face an election which I am sure Wild Rose will be on her case.

Jen said...

I hope that Danniel Smith pays a close watch on her.
I have to agree with a blogger here; sympathy votes plays a big part is this.

Anonymous said...

This promises to be the most interesting Alberta election ever. Tthis is wide open now, with just about anything a possibility, including a minority government.

Who knows, we might yet get MLAs from all parties crossing the floor, as politics in Alberta undergoes a chaotic realignment.

Alberta will likely get an *elected* female premier, but which one? Danielle Smith has at least an even chance to make history here.

My biggest beef is with the selection process. A credible member has to be driven by its committed, long-term members, IMO. The selection process here allows instant members. Anyone with an axe to grind can get a crowd together and create a favourable outcome. That may be what happened here: of the 13000 new voters in the second round, the vast majority had to have supported Redford to produce this result.

(This from someone who has never bought a party membership in his life.)

Jen said...

AA. I understand from 'Chasing apple pie blog' that Redford has taken time off to..... read the rest on her blog.