Friday, September 09, 2011

Team Gary Mar gets caught giving away party memberships.

Can it really get any more blatant than this?  The following photo was taken September 7th on campus at the University of Alberta. In it you can clearly see members of Team Gary Mar openly offering anyone willing to fill out the paperwork a 'Free membership' in the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta; allowing them the opportunity to cast a vote for the next leader of the PCAA who will also be the next Premier of the Province of Alberta.

Now just get that demon dialer set up, give away* 20,000 memberships, and hope those free membership members all show up and vote.

*Not really a give away. Each membership does cost $5 and that must be paid to the PCAA, but all you need is just 1 big fat $100,000 donation to buy it pay for it and you get a great shot at the Premiers Office and all that goes with the job of leading the Province of Alberta.

A bargain at twice the price!

I guess ethics left the PCAA a long time ago.

Update Sept 10: Major update coming soon! Monday morning. 
And here is that update in a new post.


Leeky Sweek said...

Between this and Ted Morton's email fiasco, I'm think I did the right thing re-newing my Wildrose membership.

Ardvark said...

Sigh. They are going with the blame the volunteer spin after the "total fabrication" spin didn't work so well.

Bec said...

I heard your Blog mentioned on Rutherford today ( Way to go!!) and I am in the camp that believes and will support ANYONE that is not or was not in the Stelmach govt.

I still hold a membership and so will support Orman but will at this point vote, WR.

The other option that I am somewhat considering is Doug G because he sold me on Rutherford.

I am not interested in living in a Stelmach type province and anyone, including Mar and Morton have let me down. They are both sounding like they are entitled to their entitlements! To say nothing of being at a BBQ with Morton this summer and he was a unapproachable, jerk!

I hope that we don't do the 'stupid' and let another Stelmach come up the middle.

BTW, Redford has signs in my SW Calgary neighbourhood saying "for Premier"!

Jeff said...

That Ted Morton had an alternate email address (as does probably everyone in the government) is a fiasco? AA finds a real scandal with the Mar campaign giving away memberships, and the CBC chooses to fabricate one about Ted Morton's email. Didn't you hear the sound bite where the premier said he had an alternate email address too?

Ardvark said...

It seems Team Mar would rather shoot the messenger and toss one (out of the 3 that were there and all fully aware) volunteer under a bus than admit to anything.

I have no doubt that if that "free membership" sign was not so clearly visible that they would be in 100% denial mode and smearing me even more-so.

Surprised though that the real elephant in the room has yet to be brought up.