Friday, June 17, 2011

Vancouver riots: Preston Manning's fault

Deluded article from Murray Dobbin that takes the usual lefty line and applies it to the Vancouver riots by blaming others for the actions of the rioters. 

Yes, of course, it is a big stretch to suggest that Preston Manning, the former head of the Reform Party had anything to do with the rioting in Vancouver after the hockey game. But in trying to determine what is at the root of this mindless violence – and the almost equally mindless spectator sport of watching the violence and doing nothing – we need to examine just how it could be that so many young men’s lives are so meaningless. I think it comes down to community – or rather its dramatic decline – a deliberate by-product of neo-liberalism and consumerism.   

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( BTW I will wager every penny I have that most of those involved in the rioting were not CPC supporters, if they voted at all)

Here is one poor lost young man's story. ( A member of our national Water polo team, or should I say used to be a member of...) 


Frances said...

Unmitigated drivel, perpetuated by 'helicopter' parents who are at once overly involved and totally disengaged from their offspring.

Some years ago, there was a considerable mess left at an unofficial campsite after a wild weekend. There were several groups there, but the one identified was an offspring's school. Said offspring had not gone to party, but watched the dishonesty of a reporter who (successfully) was working to get an indiscreet comment from the class president. However, at least one family's comment to offspring was: you were there; you go and help clean up. Actually, there was considerable evidence it was not the grad class which left the mess; no matter, class members were shipped out to clean up.

I would expect any honourable parent who sees an offspring rioting and creating havoc to similarly exact severe consequences on said offspring. Otherwise, they are just enablers and abject failures as parents in that they have failed to raise responsible offspring.

NeilD said...

To blame everything on Manning and Harper is ludicrous.

Ardvark said...

How this kind of leftist crap makes it into a major newspaper, in Vancouver no less, is beyond me.

Thankfully the people of Vancouver will see Dobbin's article and some of the other crap coming from the left for what it is; BS. They live there and lived through the riot; they are very much aware of exactly who are to blame.

And it sure as hell isn't Preston Manning.

Jen said...

Frances, the 'global recession' was blamed on the PM. But ordinary canadians thought otherwise.

It is easier to blame the conservatives for every negative than to blame the actual culprit.

Dan Aldham said...

I made it as far as 'when I was a kid in the late 60s and early 70s this didn't happen' . Really?! Well how about the Gastown riots in the summer of 1971? His argument sort of comes apart at that point.

Jen said...

AA, since I do not have access to twitter to write but able to read comments on twitters. I read on your twitter that you didn't see the Can. flag, the reason,imo, is that Layton cannot put up a quebec flag to support his strong support base while ignoring the ROC so he advertise none.

The NDP belongs to Quebecers to do with as they please.

BTW. NDP are hypocritics, they are a party of unions supported by unions and instead of standing by them, union supporter Layton and party IMO, crossed the Air Canada's picket line, to support a non-unionized Westjet so that he and his party can fly to BCVAN11.

Not a peep from the media except, Brian Lilley who discuss this, but only for a short while.