Monday, November 22, 2010

Alberta Health Services logic

Problem: Patients backed up in Emergency rooms because of lack of beds on the hospital wards are causing increased wait times.

Solution: Put MORE patients onto the already full hospital wards.

It is almost like the entire operation is being run by a Muppet.

BTW this plan is just the 2007(which is STILL in effect at our larger hospitals) plan revamped.  It didn't work; if it did we wouldn't be having the same problem today would we.


Pissedoff said...

Don't insult the Muppets, they have more brains.

Frances said...

The wards are already seriously overcrowded, with beds set up in the hallways. They are also talking of getting people out of the hospital sooner. So real sickies are going to be sent home whether or not they can care for themselves, to free up beds so the emergency ward isn't so blocked. This is an improvement?

They need to open up the closed wards (there are at least two hospitals in Calgary alone where new wards were built and opened, but the same number of beds closed in older wards because of lack of funding). They also have to be realistic as to the number of nursing home beds are needed. When my Mum had to go into a home, we were not given any options but the 'public' system. We'd have paid considerably more than the standard daily rate to get her into a decent single room, and I'm willing to bet there are a fair number of others like me: wanting to spend the parents' money to keep them comfortable rather than inherit it.