Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My Unreported Crime Challenge. Big prizes!!

Find me just 1 single Canadian over the age of 18 who has reported every single incidence of crime involving themselves or their property.

My prediction: No takers.

In my case the list is long but here are a couple of personal examples just off the top of my head: Cindy stole my favorite blue crayon when I was 6, various portions of my lunch have been pilfered over the years, and when somebody hit my car with an apple last September, it also got added to the rather long list of unreported crimes where I was the victim.


CanadianSense said...

To be fair, Cindy may have been subjected to the chauvinistic culture of white male dominated society and her action was justified in order to bring to head the unfair treatment against Palestinians for Palestine.

Your refusal to accept a more civilized world order of crayon redistribution proves you are a caveman who is intent in destroying the world with your extremist views!

(Nice to hear from you, thanks for poking fun, may the force be with you -Jedi Master)

Bec said...

Good one AA and hysterical CS!

On a serious note though, (someone had to do it, ;))the petty, irritating, nuisance and victim crimes that without question occur, teach the little scums that do them, that there are no consequences so why quit?

The whiny, hug a thugs, that are now yapping about the costs of new prisons, are no where to be seen on the subject of COSTS TO THE VICTIMS.
I mean, in both the aggregate and emotional costs to victims.

If law abiding citizens knew that a criminal would be detained and treated as a criminal, perhaps they would report more crimes knowing that something effective and long lasting would be followed through on.

Gabby in QC said...

Bec at 01:13:00 PM: "If law abiding citizens knew that a criminal would be detained ..."

Isn't it strange? The "progressives" believe in DETERRENCE when it comes to the long-form census -- i.e., they insist the mandatory form with attendant fines or jail time will ensure the majority of people will complete the form, and the mandatory long-form also guarantees the reliability of the data.

But when it somes to crime, be it petty or serious, the effectiveness of deterrence is scoffed at. Rehabilitation is put forward as the magic solution.

R. G. Harvie said...

Color me a fiscal conservative.. CS and I have been through the discussion already, but I'll repeat it here.

There once was a party who parlayed Canadian fears into votes, requiring a complete waste of a billion dollars for a crime reduction strategy that wouldn't reduce crime.

We called them "Liberals".

Now we can also call them "Conservatives".

If it isn't making me safer, why am I spending money (oh, did I mention we were in a massive deficit?)

CanadianSense said...

Liberals rank punishment the lowest in comparison to all political parties. The significance is the Liberals have been responsible for the most appointments and deployment of resources in our judicial system.

Another_sean said...

"Lucy" Warman. Actually, he has reported "crimes" that did not happen to him - does that invalidate him?

maryT said...

If criminals were not let off with a slap on the wrist for a first offense, would there be a second offense. And how many times did someone do a crime before they were caught the first time.

Anonymous said...

All of Canadian taxpayers were victims of a crime...... The Liberals stole 40 million (yeah just 40 million)from us, and still have not paid a cent back.