Friday, October 26, 2007

Liberals: " small minded, racist fear mongers."

OK, that is not the exact quote, but I only changed one word and fixed the typo. The word change was easy to justify because in this matter, both the Government and the Liberals are of the exact same opinion.

This found on the ever so tolerant left leaning Liblogs :

"The Falling Sky Saved By Tories
Ah! At last. The real Tories step forward and introduce the first piece of legislation with any real substance. And isn't it true to who they are; small minded, rascist (sic) fear mongers."

This all dealing with the proposed legislation that would require people to show their face when being identified to vote. That is all people, not just some people, but all people (sounds equal and fair to me, but I am just a knuckle dragger from Alberta) Oops, I guess the writer of the above quote is as well.

The Liberal position here. Stephane Dion said; "We disagree with the Elections Canada decision and we ask them to revisit their decision... It's important to identify the person. It may be done in a very respectful way, but it must be done."

Even Taliban Jack Agrees: "NDP Leader Jack Layton said he continues to hold out hope that Mayrand will change his position before the byelections, but is prepared to support a legislative move."If not, it appears it will be necessary to change the law to make it clear," Layton said." So do some progessive bloggers now think Jack Layton is racist as well?

So who again are these small minded, racist fear mongers?

Another Liberal has some thoughts on PM Harper Dion here.

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